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RE: We are celebrating! - 265k Steem Power to vote your contents!

in #witness2 years ago

Hi Kirstin! I recommend tracking the account data from Steemword in order to have better control of the total Steem Power in stake and the % of mana vote available. +266k effective power just now.


Thank you for using our service!



If I bid, how can someone still bid 3.00? This is my problem.


Why get xiaoyinzi 14,35 % why? when 18 STEEM is the Limit?


Oh, I understand what you mean.

Thanks to 266k Steem Power the max possible bid could be higher than 20 Steem. But I have limited the max available bid to 18 Steem per post due to the high demand for votes. This will reduce waiting times. However, I will check the code to prevent the sum of the bids from exceeding 18 Steem.

Thank you for your comment ✨

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