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Published: 2017-07-15 00:55
STEEMIT is the Only Decentralized Social Media Platform, Which Pays to its Authors, Curators & Followers for their Contribution to make this system UP & Running... There is One More Way to make this system run in a True Decentralized Way. That is By Creating Data Server to Your Computer as a Peer among the STEEMIT Peers. Which is referred as Witness here @steemit.

Then, What is WITNESS in STEEMIT ?

Witness is a Node Created to run a decentralized networkd in the STEEMIT BlockChain. Which Holds the Steemit Blockchain and Makes Steemit Run 24/7/364 all round. To understand clearly about Witness you can refer to this post by @pfunk in this link (read for more...)

Why UPVOTE @jerrybanfield as a TRUE WITNESS ?

There are many STEEMIT Heros, SUPERHEROS & LEGENDS in the STEEMIT Community, they are Playing their Part / Role in their Own Way. But @jerrybanfield has played a major role to this community in a very sort period of time. In Less then 3 Months he has Created his fame by being a Proactive Promoter of the Platform. He has Heavily / Massively Advertised about STEEMIT Opportunity and May be added more than 10,000 New Users into the Community. Which is a Very BIG Contribution to the Community. But, Recently He isn't in TOP 50 WITNESSES. So, He NEEDS as Much VOTES for WITNESS as WE CAN !!! Hats OFF to YOU @jerrybanfield and God Bless YOU !!!

What about Other WITNESSES ?

YES, Of Course there are More other WITNESSES in STEEMIT Community Who are More Praise Worthy then @jerrybanfield. Who has Developed APP for STEEMIT platform is @good-karma.
On the Same Way @jesta is another STEEMIT HERO who as Created and Websites Where we can analyze and Get Stats and info about the STEEMIT IDs.
Finally I would like to talk about @roelandp Who is also A SUPERHERO of Steemit Community. I love to address him as a thinker, Who Thinks and Brings NEW and CREATIVE IDEAS which becomes useful to the entire community.
I True Believe to Meet ALL These Community SUPERHEROS in Lisbon STEEMFEST2 if they will Come to the FEST.


TO VOTE the WITNESSES, Click on the Collapsible Menu @ the TOP Right Corner and Click on Vote for Witnesses then VOTE the WITNESS or Search for the One Which is not Within TOP 50 List.

If we cannot be a WITNESS of STEEMIT Community then We can VOTE OUR Favourite WITNESS and Encourage them for Doing So. Thanks for UPVOTING to the WITNESSES...

Please UPVOTE & Comment This POST !!!
So that, I CAN UPVOTE Your Comments
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Everyone should be voting @aggroed as a steam witness. Hes done by far more than most others to promote steemit.

Great writeup!
Keep sharing great content.

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