Vote For A Good Witness - Here Are My Suggestions...

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Who to vote for as a witness and why should we all participate in the process? I will share my thoughts today and also explain why I'm voting for @noisy among others to be a witness on the steem blockchain.

What is a witness?

A Steem Witness is a person who operates a witness server, and publishes a price feed of STEEM/USD to the network. Witnesses' computers in the Steem network have a job that is to make 'blocks' and add them to the blockchain and also to store the complete blockchain data. These blocks contain information about posts, comments, votes and currency transfers.

They are the infrastructure on which the steem blockchain is built. In exchange for running a reliable server and running the latest version of the software, witnesses get rewarded in Steem Power.

Who should be a witness?

1. Someone With Technical Knowledge

Witnesses runs the latest version of the steem software and are responsible for upgrading the software during a hardfork. The next harfork is HF20 which propose a host of improvement to the infrastructure of the steem blockchain is still in the work.

A witness has to have enough technical knowledge to be able to accept or reject such upgrade.

2. Someone Who Creates Value

HF20 was proposed 10 months ago and I'm sure the witnesses are not losing sleep over figuring out when or if they will accept that change.

In the meanwhile, they are paid to produce why not have our best and brightest developers produce value for the network?

Witnesses I Vote For (and my suggestions)

1- Noisy ( @noisy.witness )


Yesterday @noisy announced to me that he is running to be a top 20 witness under the account @noisy.witness and I was overjoyed by that!

He is the creator of the best tool available to see all the apps that are being created on the steem blockchain. I have no doubt that this website will be the heart of the steem keep track of new projects and to know in which one to invest when SMTs come out.

He is also a very cooperative guy and knows the steem blockchain inside and out. I also heard through the grapevines that he is working on something pretty awesome in the background.

He is not yet in the top 50 and you have to manually enter his name in the witness form for him to receive your vote.


2- ( @utopian-io )

For the life of me, I can't understand why @utopian-io is not yet a top 20 witness. is, in my opinion, the most important project to run on the steem blockchain. It has a HUGE team of moderators, managing thousands of commits to github, partners with translation businesses and is even working on a kickstarter campaign. Diego is an unstoppable machine and won't let go of his vision.

Check out the latest explainer video:


3- The Blockbrothers ( @blockbrothers )

No need for introduction. The @blockbrothers are the devs behind steemify, the best notification app for the steem blockchain. I am really excited to see the Android version coming out soon. These guys are awesome and work hard and creating high quality softwares for the steem blockchain. Their latest is a RPC client called Nozzle


4. ( @busy.witness )

The creators and devs behind, my favorite front-end for the steem blockchain. I really like what these guys are doing and they need our support! If anything, we need a strong competitor to so to motivate the people at Steemit Inc to get going with improving their front-end.



If we elect great quality devs to be in the top 20, I wouldn't be surprised to see the blockchain grow much more rapidly. Each witness can bring their own type of contribution but I am partial to A-level devs. Consider voting for the witness above by visiting the witness page


Thank you for mentioning me! I didn't expect a post like that :)

@noisy.witness is actually an initiative of more than one person. We will release a special post about us soon from my @noisy account :)

To all Steemians:

If you would like to support me, and

  • any of my projects, like:
    • SmartVotes - a second layer protocol for Steem (details soon)
  • my numerous public talks about Steem
  • my occasional white-hat hacks...

please consider voting for noisy.witness :)

When will be the voting ends?

voting for witnesses never ends. You can cast or change your vote every block (every 3 seconds). You can choose max 30 witnesses.

so if I vote for you.
What name should I enter?
by the way are you a member in utopian-io ?

I created another account for running witness node, namely: @noisy.witness

I voted you. :)
Enjoy it!

Congratulation @noisy because this is the great support for you and You have gotten this support from @cryptoctopus.

Thank you so much for mentioning us and the work we are doing with the entire Utopian community! We do work hard to achieve the best we can on this blockchain and we will always be UNSTOPPABLE on that!

Thanks for the vote of confidence !

While the ETA on the android version is hard to pinpoint, it is actually being worked in right now by @bennierex and @kapitein.koek.

We hope to have more new soon.

I see a few steemian with considerable vest power and haven't vote for any witness. It's sad

Some people just prefer to be neutral.

I voted for the @noisy's witness account immediately when I heard about it. I have a similar opinion to his activity as you. Moreover, I know his activity in the Polish community. For this community (and not only for it) is a good role model. Personally he taught me a lot, and after meeting him I began to look at Steemit completely differently than before.

The same opinion I share with you about Busy. Where there is strong competition, the level of service is growing. @Fabien and the whole Busy team are doing a great job.

Other witnesses, I confess, I do not know much. In my defense, however, I have to say that I am still "a newcomer" to Steem blockchain and I am constantly learning. For now, I only voted for witnesses, where I became acquainted with their work and contribution to the community.

@cryptoctopus I trust your judgement. I believe you have the best intention at heart and want to see Steemit become the best it can. It is hard for me to keep track of all the news and moving parts of Steem and I expect the witness votes have to be managed more actively than I would like. Is it possible to delegate my witness votes to you? Does this mean that I will vote the same people as your account?

Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Great choices @cryptoctopus. 3 out of the 4 witnesses you've called have already been voted by me.
But I guess a lot of people here need to know the right persons to vote for and why to vote for them.
Utopian is definitely a top choice. They have a great team that I believe will make a flawless witness.

Absolutely agree with you, my friend, voting for witnesses is very important, because witnesses make our ecosystem more perfect and technically stable in the crypto world. Also, witnesses are engaged in new applications based on the STEEM and this increases the popularity of the STEEM. Thank you @cryptoctopus and I will vote for the witnesses you have submitted!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

We should not waste our valuable votes on inactive witnesses. But we must use our votes wisely.
Some witnesses may be offline for quite a while and you may consider voting for some others instead. The steemit witness help build the steem blockchains and that is why our votes matter. Anyways these are awesome suggestions to vote for someone as a witness. I will consider this. Thank you my friend. Cheers

Really this is a great information about witness. According to your word @noisy will be very helpful as a witness and Top 20 witness has remain under the @noisy.witness account. Thank @cryptoctopus for giving details information about witness. Today i got great information about it. Thank you @cryptoctopus for sharing this post with us.

I want some vote.How I can get votes?

Thank You very much for your good information, I'm new here, i had no idea about this ,thanks again.

realmente disfruto esta publicacion

If we elect great quality devs to be in the top 20, I wouldn't be surprised to see the blockchain grow much more rapidly.

I think you are completely right. I knew before that witnesses are important part of steemit platform. You just made few more clarifications for me. I can see that @noisy has already done a lot for steemit comunity. With that said, he deserves my vote.

Thank you for explanation, I have been asking this question since the first week I was on steemit. I have upvoted for those witnesses.

thank you @cryptoctopus

Top job guys! keep doing what ya doing!

Casting one's vote to a witnesses who really deserve it is very important as they are more like our representatives on the blockchain. I don't know @noisy is the man behind I use often and the interface is pretty cool. @noisy you have my vote....
@cryptoctopus thanks for your recommendation.

Really good for you to know information about the other day. I like steemit bitcoin news on the way. the community it's really my pleasure to give him my witness vote,

Thanks for these suggestions @cryptoctopus.

I love your ideas and your thoughts. I trust you in this regard. so I will vote the witnesses you propose. Thank you

Wise choice @cryptoctopus. The steemit witnesses are really trying. I voted for @noisy, busy and utopian. I don't know much about the blockbrother

Okay! @noisy looks like someone to give my massive vote!

Edit - I don't know much about the, but if what it does, is just as you say, then i agree, it is going to play a central role in the blockchain.

i think witnesses have great role in shaping and maintaining this platform
a good witness can make alot of difference and surely can encourage its growth
should be choosed wisely
even you gave very good choices

The blockbrothers are great I believe. I use steemify and it is an amazing application!!
I got to know about it from @exyle.

And busy is a platform I use more then steemit. Infact I am commenting this from busy only !! 😅
They provide so many information right on the same platform and we dont have to go somewhere else to find the same info.

I am gonna vote for these two now !! Thanks for these reminders @cryptoctopus :)


Yeah, steemify is actually one of the greatest tools on the Steem block chain. Can't wait for the android version to be out.

Now I understand perfectly what/who a Witness is. The news has been going around and I never got to know their work or what they do. I was able to vote for one though.

These lists are wonderful. Never knew @blockbrothers are the devs behind steemify.

Lemme make some votes too.

Those are all good pics when it comes to witness, but I think its also important to support witness who are trying to build communities as well. Not everyone can code, and since steem is also about communities and engagement, its necessary to support those types of witnesses as well.

@cryptoctopus thanks for introducing some new witnesses to me. I took some before I did understood the importance of voting for the witnesses.
May I be so bold to introduce to you a fairly new witness project? It is @steemcommunity !
They find engagement on the Steem blockchain utmost important and that why they do have my vote!
I do have lots of empty witness votes available, so I will check out the ones you mentioned!

For me, all the tentigos are contributing with many important projects for the steemit community, but today my vote would be for a user whose contribution gives us comfort to the users, upvoto @noisy, thanks

Good information from the trustful source. I just upvoted three of them. Busy was already on my list.

Thanks for explaining who a witness is... I've been wondering, since I got on here.

Great information and suggestion for voting for witness, i have already voted for all 30 but of recent i removed and voting some because when i voted i was not having a knowledge of witnesses i voted at random now that i understand i just have to vote those that create value. Thank you for the suggestion, i will vote @noisy because i have benefited immensely from, using it to create posts

This will help
Take note of all the witnesses. Those in red colour have been struckthrough. This shows that they are inactive for now.

Nice topic Sir ..............

Well i already give my witness votes to 3 of your suggested but I don't know about Noisy before and after knowing what he is doing for the community it's really my pleasure to give him my witness vote,

Thanks for these suggestions @cryptoctopus

I have made @steemgigs and 3 others as witnesses but i didn't know what witness meant for in steem and definiately i will also make noisy as witness .
Thank you :)

@noisy you gat my vote, kindly educate me on how to go about the voting .

@noisy gets my last witness vote. I was using a proxy, but decided to be more proactive in who I vote for. I'll be checking up on them periodically.

thank you :)

Busy and utopian are in my list already. Will be adding noisy and blockbrothers now. Thanks for this.

I resteemed this post.
I also voted utopian
I hope he enjoyed my vote.

Okay to remove the confusion of the members voting.
I tried voting "utopian-io" but it won't allow me.
I tried entering the name "utopian" without the suffix it let me entered it.
so the name is "utopian"

Hmmmm...this is so inpiring. Now i know who and wath a withness should be. I am gearing towards that sir. Thanks for making me a future WITNESS...

Hmmmm...this is so inpiring. Now i know who and wath a withness should be. I am gearing towards that sir. Thanks for making me a future WITNESS...

I imagine we'll eventually setup up a witness server to ensure we have our say in the future direction of the Steem Blockchain.

In the meantime these look like some solid candidates.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the light.

Haven't tried Steemify but what about GINAbot? :)

a very great post ... I really like your picture, you are great ... thanks for sharing ... you are very extraordinary @cryptoctopus

"Yesterday @noisy announced to me that he is running to be a top 20 witness under the account @ noisy.witness and I was overjoyed by that!"

This information is very good, I will select @ noisy.witness as a witness

thank you! :)

you are incredible @noisy, success continues 😎

Thanks for this post!

I have been working on figuring out who to vote.
This post is very helpful.
I am also using to see who is actively hashing blocks.

This post is also helpful as it shows who is responsive and engaged with the community.