First Block Mined - Consider to Support Our Witness

in #witness4 years ago

We are running 0.22.5 from suggestions of @justinsunsteemit and we support witnesses running this code.

We run the SBD feed and keep it updated.

We run on a strong machine which can handle block production with no problems.

We are against drama, downvotes and fights on the blockchain.

We are a 100% cryptocurrency focused witness which will also keep manual curation on quality and unique cryptocurrency posts.

We just produced first block today, if you are a fan of decentralization please consider to vote for our international witness and give some support to it.

Please enter and on the very bottom put @crypto.witness



I am really excited to see community witnessses coming back, but the removal of downvotes is an immediate deal breaker for me.

I can understand that! thanks for the welcome

Good business here @crypto-witness. Keep up. I will vote for you as a witness and am new and need your promotion

As a lover and admirer of the Blockchain, I have entered in and voted for your more than 20 international witness

Congratulations on mining the very first block!

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