Witness Server Upgraded to 0.20.10 & Short Guide to Upgrade Yours - I'm Very Proud of This Cause - Watch the Video - Priceless!!!

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I have no words to describe my happiness in knowing that my donations can bring so much happiness around the world and are beginning to appear and have these results. A child's smile is priceless!

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Watch Video, It's Priceless

I launched my witness server by the start of April 1st, 2019 and so far it has not missed any blocks yet. Recently, I upgraded my node version to 0.20.10 flawlessly and it does not even require replay if you are doing that from version. 0.20.09. Here is short little guide if you are using steem-in-a-box by @someguy123 because docker version does not have latest version yet.

I would like to thank my team of developers who are doing a great job. We have already processed some blocks and there are no blocks missing! You are incredible professionals!

Courtesy of @drakos to manually build latest image:

1- cd ~/steem-docker
2- git pull
3- ./run.sh build v0.20.10 ( You have to wait for this operation to complete because it will take little time)
4- docker tag steem:v0.20.10 steem:latest
5- ./run.sh restart

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i7
Disks2x512GB NVME
Connection1gbit/s network


I would like to thank to all of my supporters who have voted for me as witness because every vote counts and I was able to generate few blocks so far.

Do consider voting for me if you like what I do and to support more communities.

Vote for chbartist here




hello chbartist I tell you that I am one of your fans, even steemit, gracais to you, as I was surprised by the high numbers that you drove, and I thought that this steemit was easy, the harsh reality is that it is very hard and more for the Spanish speaking community, I have a month in steemit and I have published good articles of psychology, since it is my strength to study that career, but they do not get votes, I am somewhat desepcionada since I am from venezuela and look for this alternative to I did not leave the country, I thought that if I earned 30 dollars a month it was done, because with 30 dollars I can cover the expenses of food and some medicines, but the harsh reality is that I have not reached 1 steem, and then I desepcione, I do not know how you did to grow so fast, I have followed you since you made the account check, if you have any particular advice for me, that I am failing, I would appreciate it since it is not easy to survive in this country. I thought about asking you for help but I feel sorry, maybe a good advice to help me get 30 dollars a month, which is what I need. How did you do it? What do I have to do? With whom do I relate?

I think this is the most up votes I have ever seen

Anything and everything you do @chbartist is fantabulous sir. Words cannot express the passion and generosity you display. you are a boon to the steem community, my inspiration to do good deeds. I intend to contribute to the society as well. Just have to get out of the financial crisis i am undergoing for now.

@romiferns, Thank you so much for your very kind words!

🎁 Dear @romiferns,

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Thank you for infoming. considering to ... ;)

Thank you for doing your bit to keep the Steem Blockchain a healthy and thriving network @chbartist.

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there you go man you have my vote

This Help world to be a better place. Thank you to do this!! :)

Just voted, good work Baba!!

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Keep flourishing:)

Very superb sir!,
Like to join you! Greetings and have a nice weekend.

Very superb sir!,
Like to join you! Greetings and
Have a nice weekend.

                 - oppongk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good work never dies. Go ahead

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Indeed its a priceless video. Glad to see these kids. Thanks for sharing @chbartist

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@chbartist a great memo and really needed things now a days are to educate our upcomings according to the current time era.

A milestone achieved. You are a witness. Keep up the good work and more grace for you on that also witness role

I voted for you as witness, great time to come!

It's big milestone to start your witness node! Good luck in this starting! Hope soon you'll ranked in top!

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excelente labor hermano te seguiremos apoyando por causas como estas es que veremos un mundo mejor y mas justo el ver esa manifestación de alegría en el rostro de un niño al lograr una sonrisa que nace del mismo corazón es algo tan sincero y puro que no tiene valor real ni el oro o el dinero compiten con esto éxitos hermano Dios te protege y bendice cada una de tus iniciativas .

Yeah like my son his smile is priceless

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Felicitaciones, sigue así con este hermoso trabajo. :)


Amazing work. Well done. 👍

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Oh that's cool, you blog about tech too. I think it's going to be great to read in-depth information about tech from you.

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I voted for chartist.

"Children smilies really priceless,"

Great thought.

I like

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Everything for children. Children must smile.

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Keep up the amazing work my Steem friend ! Have a fabulous Friday ! I support you all I can ❤️❤️❤️☕️

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All the joy of life fits in the smile of a child! Thank you for your help and what you are doing.

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2x 512GB is overkill!

I'm a newcomer and I'd like to know what kind of platform this is.

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Wow!!! This is lovely

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Oh that's cool

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