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Hi everyone, @faddat here.

Fuzzy's been paying me/my company/my associate/my friend (all of the above at various points) to do dev work at a pretty low level with steemd. After several months, I can now say that I know the stack very well. Because I know the stack very well, I can help noobs, build advanced apps, manipulate the chain's data in new ways, and help members of the community build their own apps.

This witness will go to fund these development efforts for STEEM:

  • (the other one)

And probably more. If you like what we're up to, please do give the mighty click :).

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I need to dig through my witness list and cut someone else to be able to fund this...Voted and resteemed for now

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I think that every voter should have a more equal say, but not an equal say.

Remembered to change my vote to bbdevfund now

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