LOL!! Looks like somebody doesn't like themarkymark

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This jerkwad "top witness" downvotes good people's honest posts for personal reasons and vindication. He does indeed believes he's the police of Steemit and will let you know he doesn't like your content by STEALING votes away from you and downvoting your account into oblivion. He believes he is the arbiter of Steemit and can do no wrong. It's WITNESSES who act like this that is driving down the price of steem as no one is going to buy steem when they're treated this way. Instead, whatever steem they have they're going to sell and get the fuck out. That's what I'm currently doing. That's what EVERY SINGLE ONE of the friends I encouraged over here are doing. We're all selling our Steem. And I'm personally reinvesting it in BAT, a far superior technology.

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Right on man! I'm still in limbo about powering down. If I do I'm putting my Steem in EOS. That way I can make more EOS playing their crypto games.

Look, I sympathize with your side of this dispute, but calling people Nazis is just pathetic.

I'm not calling anyone a nazi. BUT THIS PICTURE IS FUNNY LOL!!!!

I could never battle a witness with this much SP directly. But pictures speak a thousand words and this one resonates with me. :)

Unfortunately, that says more about you than him. Is he being authoritarian and abusive? Maybe. But it is so incredibly lazy and unimaginative to accuse someone of being a Nazi in the course of a dispute, and it makes the accuser look foolish. It also dilutes the term to meaninglessness so when an actual Nazi needs to be condemned, the word has lost its meaning.

Perhaps you're right. But it's not my argument. I just find the picture funny, ok? Someone else thinks this of him. I just think he's a jerk. I'm not here to convince anyone of anything. I don't care if this account gets downvoted anymore. I've invested way too much time into this platform and to be treated this way, so it makes me want to light a match and watch the whole thing burn. But instead, I'm going to have a good laugh. I used to like this guy. He seemed reasonable and he was perfectly aware of my word of the day posts for over a year. This vindictive downvoting he's doing has nothing to do with my posts. It's retaliatory because I downvoted the wrong article in Trending. Before that nobody cared about me.

Also, he is not having a "dispute". Nobody is "debating" because he is unwilling to be rational. He's made up his mind about this and it seems nobody is going to convince him otherwise, so I'm not interested in "making my point" in words. I found this picture to be funny because it shows how much damage this guy has done to quite a number of people on the platform.

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Just as an outsider to this discussion I went to see your profile and engagement on your recent posts. Somehow those word definition posts don't seem to get any interest from users. There are almost no comments. But this post is really engaging (for the sake of my point it doesn't matter that it also received @themarkymark's downvote). Yes, it's full of angry comments but they are comments from real people.

Maybe that's because you are being authentic in this post. Maybe it's because you are saying things that are frustrating to you. Even though I wouldn't use this picture myself, for this I congratulate you.

I realize I have no right to tell you what to do on Steem since I don't know you and you probably don't know me. Everyone needs to find what Steem is for themselves. I can only share what my experience has been. And whenever I use my own voice I tend to do better here. Whenever I post about the things that I'm working on, things that are frustrating or inspiring to me, these posts seem to resonate with people more.

Hope this helps!

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