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RE: @ura-soul Witness Update: My reply to Justin Sun's Questions for Witnesses

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I voted for you as a witness. I have some disagreements with you on different issues but I think you do care about this space.
IMO., Justin should have done some research about foundational ethical concerns about this blockchain.
And Ned seems to have been woefully neglectful in educating Mr. Sun on some very important nuances.
Everyone should chill out and do the right-fucking thing for once...Which is put the best interest of the greater community first.
Overall I'm not thrilled with the actions of the witnesses (or their attitude) and think the situation was handled incredibly poorly yet I do understand the witness's concerns which are legitimate.


Thankyou! Yes, there is currently a conflict between financial concerns and community concerns which many people see differently and so disagree on how to find the best outcome for all. I feel that the way to resolve this is for everyone to have a communal dialogue without judgements or fears getting in the way. However, this is a big ask at this point, so I am just doing what I can to nudge people's thinking in that general direction. Ned did actually tweet today that 'everything was disclosed' to Justin's team - but he was careful with his words, so there is still ambiguity!

What's happened contradicts Ned's assertions and everyone's actions speak louder than dubious rhetoric...I don't really care what people say: I care what they do...
If Mr. Sun's blockchain is a joke then he has an opportunity here to give it some depth and legitimacy and, IMO, he should weigh that as an important concern.

"What's happened contradicts Ned's assertions..."

I fail to observe evidence of this - other than @justinsunsteemit's statements, which I have observed fail to conform to his actions. I must note that I have not observed the same phenomenon regarding @ned's statements and actions, regardless of how effective you feel he may have been as a CEO of Steemit, Inc.

I would be greatly benefited by provision of examples of @ned's statements not conforming to his actions if they do exist, because that would enable me to understand his lack of integrity if it is compromised. Please do provide specific examples of such failure so that I might understand factual reality regarding @ned's integrity, if I do not presently.


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