Top 20 Witness Forum - @andrarchy (Steemit), @timcliff, @roelandp, @someguy123, @lukestokes, @carlgnash (curie), @anyx and backup witness @fyrstikken

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Hello Folks! We're back again this month for another Top 20 Steem Witness Forum. These forums are a way to hear from your elected officials and often times we're given an update from @andrarchy about the latest happenings from Steemit (the company).

Actually, that's a good time to give a quick reminder of the language we'll use on the show-

Steem is a blockchain is a browser based interface to the blockchain
steemit is a company founded by @ned and @dan, which is currently run by @ned, and they focus on blockchain software development. This company is the largest holder of Steem tokens on the blockchain.


We'll start off with @andrarchy. He's not a witness, but he's the Director of Content for Steemit. We'll see what he decides to talk about, but I know we are all interested in the @steemitblog posts that have been coming at us recently. Is HF20, "Velocity," around the corner after a year of development? Will rocksdb knock the ram requirements of full nodes down? What voting rules go into effect? Stay tuned and we'll all find out together.

@timcliff - No stranger to the block Tim is regular on the help forums, a programmer focused on github who has suggested changes, and recently a programmer who has submitted to github some code changes himself, which may get merged into HF20.

@roelandp - You most likely know him by Steemfest, which he created and has hosted twice now. It's the largest gathering of Steemians out there.

@someguy123 - You may have heard of Privex. It's a VPS hosting company that accepts Steem and SBD for payment. Many devs on the platform rely on his services to host witness boxes and RPC nodes alike. He's also the creator of Steem in a Box. It's a Docker image he keeps up to date to help witnesses build Steemd simply rather than from scratch every time.

@lukestokes - Best known for his Exchange Transfer Report Luke is a constant presence on the Steem Blockchain. He's an author, a coder, and educator who helps people understand block chain technology in layman's terms.

@aggroed- Founder of the Minnow Support Project, which is housed inside of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. It's the largest off chain community in the Steem ecosystem. PALnet contains MSP-Waves a Steem centric Streaming Internet Broadcast Station featuring Steemix an all Steemian created music station. Lastly, Aggroed has recently launched Steem Monsters. A collectible trading card game on the Steem blockchain.

@carlgnash (curie) - Carl is the new lead on the Curie project witness server. A manual curation program where the curation teams finds new Steemian authors and provides them with some upvotes to encourage them on their Steem journey.

@anyx - You likely know @anyx from @cheetah bot as a constant force for good against spam and stolen content on the block. His efforts and those of his team have pushed the limits of the Steem blockchain to limit rewards to those that attempt to steal rather than earn them.

Backup Witness

Much like the Steem Blockchain I try to loop in backup witnesses on the panel. These are people who are under rank 20 who run Steem Witness servers.

@fystikken - He's Founder of SteemSpeak one of the original and largest off chain communities in the Steem ecosystem. He's owner and operator of @booster one of the original bidbots. He's a vocal personality on the block and we're looking forward to seeing where this goes.


The show will be hosted this Saturday at 11am EST (1500 UTC) on msp-waves.

You can listen through
or in the PALnet Discord


Hi @aggroed I believe @geekgirl talked to you about this but just want to confirm that witness #14 @Curie will be attending in the person of moi as representative. Cheers - Carl

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