Steem Witness Forum: @andrarchy, @roelandp, @clayop, @aggroed, @klye, @lukestokes, @drakos

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Saturday is the last Saturday of the Month so that means it's time for the Steem Witness Forum on MSP-Waves! Once again I've assembled a great crew for you.

@andarchy is the Steemit Inc Director of Content and will help catch up the community on what Steemit's been up to.

That'll be a good lead in to talk to some of the witnesses-

@roelandp- Best known for Steemfest
@clayop- Best known for growing the Korean Community
@aggroed- Best known for Minnow Support Project and the PALnet Discord channel with 16k Steemians in it
@lukestokes- Best known for the exchange transfer report
@klye- Best known for his MS Paint artwork and depiction of whale balz

We'll also have backup witness @drakos on the show
@drakos- is a constant new witness supporter in, a managing Witness of the Minnow Support Project, and a talented developer having created


I'll ask some generic questions and let the witnesses answer. What does Steem need? What are you working on? What challenges are we facing? etc. Folks get to share what they think and hopefully people learn something about the blockchain and maybe figure out some problems that we can work on together!


Show starts at 11am EST this Saturday March 31st. I'll be on air spinning some tunes at 10:30am EST.

You can join us by hopping into the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel.

Guests should come a few min early to make sure they can get sound checked.

Show Recording!

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I've gotta ask, why does this post advertising a conversation with a bunch of witness that do literally nothing deserve to be at the top of "Trending" on this site?

"@lukestokes- Best known for the exchange transfer report" - Oh Wow! An automated report! He must deserve to be #12 on the witness list making THOUSANDS of $ per month to DO NOTHING!

Don't you think it would be beneficial to advertise witnesses that are actually doing something? Or are those too hard to come by these days?

I’m surprised I still warrant so much of your attention after you’ve told me repeatedly I’m not worth your attention. My offer still stands: let’s do an interview where you can explain your views to the community and what solutions you’d like to bring to the table.

@aggroed asked me to be on the show and I said yes becuase I’ve received lots of positive feedback for every other time I’ve attended by those in the community who appreciated it. Why don’t you join us and engage in some positive discussion by asking questions?

I’m surprised you didn’t even know what the esteem app is when you continually talk about how ignorant everyone else is and how you have so much more information.

I appreciate you raising awareness on things you’re passionate about. If I can claim something of value to this community you appreciate it’s that I’ve always been comfortable publicly disagreeing with you. You’ve told me as much in chat before you blocked me. Where others try desperately to avoid your flags or suck up to you for upvotes or even lash out at you with emotional anger and drama, I do my best to stay consistent. If you flag me and the community agrees with it, so be it. If you flag me and the community disagrees, it only demonstrates how out of touch with this community you can be at times (from my perspective).

You don’t like me and that’s fine with me. I’d still like to see your needs met, even if I get confused by how you express them.

LIMIT REWARDS to 200$ maximum and 50 cents minimum.. HOWEVER 95% of the posts that trend are not worth 10cents also.. and you guys want to compete with FB/youtube/Quora..

No, I think there should be a separate trending page where no one has used bots and have it rival the pages that do

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My reasons for being a witness are unchanged from my original announcement 10 months ago. It’s not up to you or me to decide where I fit in the rankings. That’s up to the community.

You’ve called me pretentious since we first interacted. Maybe I am. Maybe you don’t know me well. Maybe you should step up to my offer to do a video hangout and get to know me better? You could expose my pretentiousness live for all to see! :)

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Both of you are obviously in love.

Well, it's not at the "top" 😉

And does not only make reports...

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I don't even try to. Here, at the end of that article you will see an example of what I consider a great whale on Steem and his efforts to bring value to the platform. This is since you read my replies :)

PS: I am not advertising that post, if that was not obvious already.

'Don't you think it would be beneficial to advertise witnesses that are actually doing something? '

like who specifically ?
and what do they do for the platform specifically?

Great things are coming to Steemit because of the likeminded like you have @aggroed and everyone with same frequency mind you mention on this post. I select you as witness because your bringing so much value on this community. Thanks

I disagree. All I see is the rich getting richer and those with power accumulating more power. What problems are actually being solved on this platform. The divide keeps growing daily and all I see is more publicity for the ruling elite. Looks a lot like real world politics going on here where the few rule the many.

mr-chuckles, i've vetting you and i can see you're savy and knowledgble, i agree 90% with your statement, but it also gives me a clue to who you are besides this account, you savy sexy fatherly man you ;)

Well thank you good sir for paying attention to me. My father is a very wise man that doesnt get enough credit, but sometimes lets his mouth run a little bit wild. He is also careless sometimes and forgets to log out of one account before posting with the other account, silly old man

Bless u

Puerto Rico is one of my list to settle in. Witnesses, good luck to your missions and visions in steemit together we can make steem token a great value to the people. :)

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It was indeed so much amazing to hear Steemians out there especially @andrarchy. The way he represents the Steemit team is truly in a professional way. Thanks for letting us know what's happening inside!

O good! Looking forward to that

Done upvoted 👍

Hi @aggroed Thank you for the added value you bring us with your efforts and the quality of your work.

Sweet!! I'll be there!

I hope we can add more people in the future that are also members of other projects that support fellow minnows. :)

Very good post

i would have loved to join in on this... would there be like a video live streaming so i could join in ?

Supporting the bog witnesses is great bit make sure you vote for smaller guys like @yensesa . To make the witness program fair we should support as many good wit esses as possible.

This is excellent. I haven't used all of my witness votes yet so it'll be good to get to know some of ya.

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Hello @aggoed! Ask please your guests and maybe express your private opinion about this issue.

@andrarchy, @roelandp, @clayop, @klye, @lukestokes, @drakos don't hesitate express opinion too.

@berniesanders as a special expert with opposition to mainstream view welcome too.

Thanks for feedback everyone.

God bless you!

Congrats, you made the @dtube #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below

can i join? :)


A collection of intelligent people who empower. I will remain faithful to choose and follow.

Good job

It looks good. You can try it.

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thx a lot for this information, it will be a great radioshow i try to be there , greetings

Looking forward to see this

Good plan...

Very useful post. I think its help lot of people.

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I'll call it a witness forum for the Steemit community. Let's see if I can be a part of this one.

Excellent witnesses, communication and opportunity coexist.

boost my blogs guys

Very good nice steemian witness forum.

This sounds great @aggroed ! Wish i didnt have to work the graveyard shift I would to listen to the show ! hope you do a follow up post with the highlights . upped and resteemed to spread the word ! keep up the great work !😀👍👍👍

Very interesting friends

Interesting... i've never heard the witness' concerns...
Was a pleasure to hear you guys...

Hello , I would really appreciate it if Majority of you would check my blogs and please upvote. Trying to get a hang of steemit, I am new.

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wow i had love to join.can I?although pretty new on steemit

Good luck and may you'll have a successful discussion! More power!

Awesome! I'll be there listening and filling the chat window :-)
@abh12345 can't do this without you.

ahh bummer, I have a lunch time date with mother today so cannot make it this time!

I'll have to catch up on the recording :)

Can you ask Roeland why he's selling (some) of his vote to minnowbooster? I dare ya :P

Haha, so you want me to be your messenger? :-D
Is it a trap? You know Roeland is a surfer, too, so I can't ask him uncomfortable things :-)

Enjoy your family's lunch!

Yes please, did you ask? :D

Thank you, no more food today for me!

The forum is tomorrow!! :-)

haha whoops!

Well I shall try, as it may become quite pertinent over the next weeks and months ;)

Shooooot! I forgot to join the forum :-D
Will have to check the recording then... Damn it!


I've still not caught up!

Very good! I hope participate in this forum

I select you as witness because your bringing so much value on this community.

Thanks for the heads-up on this one. I keep missing out on these shows. I'm already a member of PAL on Discord.

Thanks in advance.Things are very much valuable that you are sharing with this community.

NIce post

thanks for the witness info many people gonna vote them as witness, good job.

good on you guys so I connect with you all and keep an eye on the content - rock on witnesses - glad you are all looking after our interests here

Desde Venezuela, estaré pendiente, interesante y nutritiva la información.

great on you folks so I interface with all of you and watch out for the substance - shake on witnesses - happy you are for the most part taking care of our interests here

honestly I am less understood with your post because I am new beginner, but I like your post .., hopefully more glorious

I agree with a lot you had to say.

a photo to motivate you! follow me please <3 <3 <3 <3

wow sexy girl

I think it's an excellent idea that they are doing so boys, Greetings!

I am looking forward to the discussion and hope we will get some news on the overall development of smt's, communities and mobile app. Unfortunately I am quiet disappointed with the communication coming from @andarchy and at the moment.

I am new here.

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And as I see most of the time, Persons with higher **SP** gets more opportunity. Even if they post valueless posts,they are getting tons of money out of that.

Even, I haven't learnt any good thing from them.

**So, no Idea how to engage in best type of blogging here. Is only posting any type of content is the way to be successful?**

***How can I get more engaged in blogging with good performance? Please direct me in the right way possible!***

Thanks that sounds great.
I will be there as I need to learn more about all this.

Postingan yang kurang menarik bagi saya, ini membahas tentang anda dan teman kerja anda, tetapi mengapa postingan ini berada di trending topik.
Saya mulai bingung dengan kinerja steemit. Terimakasih

Thank you very much for the contribution I am looking forward to be there and to hear a little more from you! I'm in, I'm happy:)!

Bagus dan inovatif posting anda, saya suka melihat membaca dan menikmati serta dapat bertambah pengetahuan, terimakasih telah terbagi

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for your effort..its Really valuable that you bring for this community .

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Welcome to all of them. This is certainly a good selection and is ripe. Because they are professionals in their field. I'm sure the more great people in steemit, the more the users are going to get a better future.

A lot of work is being done by you and your fellow witnesses. I will like you to have more witnesses on the show so we can ask them questions about what we observed on their projects or work. I vote for witnesses and I want to know why I should maintain my vote on a perticular witness.


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nice post


$31,467... that's a lot of buttons pressed :)

upvote and resteem done

do you mean great initiative

Could anybody help me understand what this, witness, and other stuff is?

I'm new to steem and have searched around but still stuck in loops trying to figure out what it all means. Any experienced users open to giving me some pointers?

I love your post, I really appreciate this type of initiative that contribute to the good content published here in steemit ... Nice, go on like this congratulations

Added to my calendar, can't wait! @lukestokes hope you got some good insight from the Steem Mixer in Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately I got there pretty late, but still had some great conversation with @quinneaker @virtualgrowth and @cybercodetwins. There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Puerto Rico.

I doubt any of us said anything you were not well aware of top witness!

It was great to have you show up at all. In truth I am much more grateful for our few private conversations during the week in Puerto Rico. So great to have in depth conversations with an honorable and intelligent being.

Thanks Quinn! We had some fun conversations for sure. I look forward to hanging out again sometime and continuing to watch where your passion to improve the world takes you.

As do I!


Help Me Please Some Sbd....

wow...really nice post that I like your
post to much thanks for sharing post

How many times can you say “post” in a comment without really saying anything?

Right~ lolz

  ·  last year (edited)

LOL Is this a challenge? ;)

But he said that the post is really nice and that he like the post and that he ia greatful for the post. I am really curious if he understands what is this post about as it involves plenty of knowledge about how Steem works.

By the way, this is the first time for me when actually reading about this forum so I feel a bit confused. Will it be on Discord? And how do people join?

Just join the discord MSP waves discord. It’s like a radio station so there’s often stuff going on all the time, even recordings. You can join up now to test it out.

Unfortunately I am still at work now , I will be home in maybe one hour, so I don't know if I will be able to join this time or not, but if I understand it well, this forum will take place tomorrow, isn't it? I am still a bit confused, sorry for asking, I should be checking discord to get the rest of details clear and not waste your time. Thanks a lot for the answers!

It's like a radio show. There's something playing all the time. Tomorrow it will be live. Connecting to the show now will be the same process as connecting tomorrow.

Congratulations @aggroed!
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hai ... a very beautiful and interesting post worth a count on, successful greeting .. please support for us who have not

excellent witnes post...
thanks for sharing...

Good post! I look forward to participating in this forum,
thank you for sharing

Top post!!

Only for witnesses? Or I can get to join?

Not just for witness but for the community. They would be no point having some interview if there's no one to listen to them. I myself will keep a date.

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