Steem Witness Forum: @andrarchy, @roelandp, @clayop, @aggroed, @klye, @lukestokes, @drakos

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Saturday is the last Saturday of the Month so that means it's time for the Steem Witness Forum on MSP-Waves! Once again I've assembled a great crew for you.

@andarchy is the Steemit Inc Director of Content and will help catch up the community on what Steemit's been up to.

That'll be a good lead in to talk to some of the witnesses-

@roelandp- Best known for Steemfest
@clayop- Best known for growing the Korean Community
@aggroed- Best known for Minnow Support Project and the PALnet Discord channel with 16k Steemians in it
@lukestokes- Best known for the exchange transfer report
@klye- Best known for his MS Paint artwork and depiction of whale balz

We'll also have backup witness @drakos on the show
@drakos- is a constant new witness supporter in, a managing Witness of the Minnow Support Project, and a talented developer having created


I'll ask some generic questions and let the witnesses answer. What does Steem need? What are you working on? What challenges are we facing? etc. Folks get to share what they think and hopefully people learn something about the blockchain and maybe figure out some problems that we can work on together!


Show starts at 11am EST this Saturday March 31st. I'll be on air spinning some tunes at 10:30am EST.

You can join us by hopping into the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel.

Guests should come a few min early to make sure they can get sound checked.

Show Recording!



Puerto Rico is one of my list to settle in. Witnesses, good luck to your missions and visions in steemit together we can make steem token a great value to the people. :)

FollowBack every day 100%

It was indeed so much amazing to hear Steemians out there especially @andrarchy. The way he represents the Steemit team is truly in a professional way. Thanks for letting us know what's happening inside!

O good! Looking forward to that

Done upvoted 👍

Hi @aggroed Thank you for the added value you bring us with your efforts and the quality of your work.

Sweet!! I'll be there!

I hope we can add more people in the future that are also members of other projects that support fellow minnows. :)

Very good post

i would have loved to join in on this... would there be like a video live streaming so i could join in ?

Supporting the bog witnesses is great bit make sure you vote for smaller guys like @yensesa . To make the witness program fair we should support as many good wit esses as possible.

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