Curation Thoughts and 10,000 SP delegated to @msp-curation

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So, I've been trying to do some more curation. I'm still not great at it, but I'm voting and resteeming. I'm trying to read and comment more. I think there really isn't a substitute for manual content, project, and people discovery on the platform. I do have a few people on an auto-voter because I believe that supporting them and their posts at all times is the right thing for the platform. It's open to change, but not any time soon.

Who should be curating?

Everyone should curate to some extent. Well, anyone that's trying to grow on the platform. If this is just a passive investment then it doesn't really matter, but if you want to grow your account by posting you usually have to interact too.

Who does it finicially benefit to curate?

The people that have the most to gain from curation are the whales. That's happening at multiple levels.

  1. How much a currency is worth depends on how many people use it. As more folks use it and more goods and services are traded it increases the value of a currency. Whales that want to see their value go up have an interest in curating well and helping this platform find good people and good content so we continue to attract and retain new members.

  2. Curation has a pig pile effect. If you upvote a post early and lots of other people follow you can make some serious money. To do that you need some SP or you can't earn much, but quality curation on the site can net you some bucks.

What about smaller accounts

This is less about big pay days and more about building steady income on the platform. By voting others you're more likely to catch votes from others. As your account grows you can typically attract larger votes. While you can gain more money in the short term by upvoting your own place holder content you then really depend just on yourself for making money here. If you can share the wealth with others you're likely to grow faster and catch more votes and followers. Even if you don't have a huge stake you can swim in your pond and find a community of people that have some similar interests and SP reserves. You're not gonna get rich over night, but you can build it up!

Types of Curation

The two broad categories are manual and automatic. Manual curation involves upvoting and commenting on content and people that you like. Autovoters is just a set it and forget it kind of thing.

What's best?

I happen to think it's best to do a mix.

  • I like to have voting power left to upvote people that comment on my posts
  • I like to have autovotes on people that I think are wonderful. Here's looking at you @kaylinart. I wouldn't be successful here without your help and you can always count on me for a steady upvote on your posts. You're awesome and I'm very grateful.
  • I like to have a stash of voting power to upvote content I see in my feed.

I think people that are routinely curated stick around more

We have a curation team out of the Minnow Support Project now. A team of moderators and long time members are now using communal voting power to upvote posts. This has done a few things. It meant that we can move moderator curation off of @minnowsupport leaving that simply as a tool for minnows to get started on the platform. (If you don't know the Minnow Support Project has a Discord channel called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network and you can register with a bot, then use a command to get a small upvote from the @minnowsupport account and a small voting trail that follows it.) This leaves more VP for minnows.

So, I'm helping that effort

I had previously pledged 10k SP to msp-curation. @ausbitbank kicked in a few k so I was able to get it up to 10k SP total, but I wanted to complete the delegation I promised. So, here it is. I've added another 3,000. The account is now sitting at a little over 13,000SP.

@isaria and @juliakponsford are leading the effort

There's a full team of I believe 7 people curating a variety of topics. Each person gets a set of the VP to use. It's a gift to say welcome to the community. So, we're curating around 50-60 posts a week manually. We're not as large as @acidyo's OCD team or have that much stake, but we started with a different purpose and fulfill many missions in addition to curation.

Here's who is doing the curation:

music… @isaria
art… @juliakponsford
new steemians… @ma1neEvent
philosophy… @clayboyn
writing/poetry. @sunravelme
finance/crypto… @scaredycatguide
sustainability. @torico
science/tech… @jrswab
PAL… @creativesoul

More to come

There will be some more formal details from @isaria and @minnowsupport, but in the mean time I just wanted to share that I met my pledged obligation to this aspect of the project.

Up next?

I have a short term goal of getting @patrice and @anyx a 1k delegation for steemcleaners. I wanted to host something like it in the Minnow Support Project, but it seems a little out of scope. So, for now I'll defer to them. They have a good system and do a great job.

After that?

I want to make it so listening to msp-waves is profitable! So, sometime in February I'll have some Steem Power saved up. I'm going to cancel all my individual delegations, and I'm going to make a separate autovoting account for people that listen to msp-waves. There's some process and stuff to figure out there, but rather than support folks that listened and won delegations on the radio through direct delegations I'm going to support them with autovotes. When I switch I want to make sure that I have more SP than the sum of the delegations I'm taking so even though they are losing a delegation it should feel like they are getting a lot in return so it doesn't sting as much. All told I'm hoping it's around 15k SP in February or March!

I'm thinking after that I'll increase msp-mods a few thousand and then start working on an pal-studios as an account!


I do have a few people on an auto-voter because I believe that supporting them and their posts at all times is the right thing for the platform. It's open to change, but not any time soon.

I completely agree this is the way to go, that how I currently roll.

That's a fantastic list of guys you've got on the curation team mate, even since I arrived the changes are amazing, newbies who are here for the right reasons have a real chance of getting noticed and rewarded.
Kudos @aggroed you're a legend.

Sounds like a good plan Ag. I'm so happy that we can help people with our Minnow Support Curation efforts. Thanks for delegating and making it possible!

i love the idea of delegations to steemcleaners! they do an awesome job, as do our team of curators here! nice post aggy :)

I love seeing whales delegating steem out, it just shows how awesome this platofrm is and how people want it to succeed. I'm gonna check out msp-waves, minnow support is really awesome already, great community that I need to get more active in

Wow! Great info! I have a lot to learn when it comes to allocating my voting power! This post helped clear some things up and I will make some changes moving forward. Thanks for your community support! I'm committed to steemit and it's through education such as this I will be able to perform the types of actions that will benefit the community! Thanks again! 🙏🙏🙏

Great plan ahead human and also thanks for installing this bot in your community :]

I think that is an awesome thing to do Aggroed! Hope it works out in Febuary. I guess I do what they call manual curation. Especially like to support people in pal because I found a great community there!

Thank you for sharing this @aggroed. I want to grow in this platform eventhough I have work I find time to post and blog. Advice/ideas from whales like you are very helpful especially for minnows like me. I want to engage and participate as much as possible.

Good to see your projects getting bigger since pal is one the most important communities here.

I am sure this will keep getting better and better with time. 2018 should be great for everyone of us Steemians!


I find it that this way we can increase and grow the platform itself. All the people you have delegated to are working hard day and night to make this platform a better place

Awesome. May we grow together like worms in apples.

Good work you guys are doing in the curation section as well, the minnowsupport has started curating again. I think that's good advice over there. A new member can't depend on themselves there can be people who will notice your good work and support you upwards so as you can also support others. I think i should be powering up more often for a better experience on steemit.

Thank you for this Post @aggroed. I have been here a short time but I can see the potential with this platform. I actually take much joy in curating and commenting. I think almost if not as much as Posting to my Blog. It's really natural for me and quite a rush to be honest. Still learning about auto votes but I can tell you this : Iam committed to Steemit now ( I'm sold lol) and I wake up everyday now very excited about the possibilities here. I haven't seen much earnings but I know sticking around and interacting with engaging folks and helping each other...well that other stuff of being personally rewarded will work itself out.

Thanks again for all that you do and I'm Following @kaylinart now :)

Yooo aggy, you forgot about your girl curating the introduceyourself tag in efforts to recruit members to MSP/PAL!

I was gonna make a separate post about it!

You seemed to have escaped with the ladder this time!

I voted you for a witness (not sure if my vote means that much lol) but this post is a big reason why.

I see what you are doing man, and you are what this platform needs. Tip of the hat from this minnow :)

Keep pushing Steemit forward and I think we will all gro as a by-product of strong leadership!

Thanks bud!

@aggroed Great post and info for new Steem users, I have spent the last 6 weeks on Steem and looking for ways to understand how Steem works, this blog really helped. I research and write about the Cannabis Industry, and am the editor at

Great post I must confess commenting on people post, upvotes and building a niche for yourself here on steemit is key

Thanks for the guidance and information
I appreciate your work

I'm deleting my comments.
Being down voted by Content censoring whales sucks
and hurts minnows who only earn 0.01 per post/comment anyhow
This whale BS will kill STEEM imho

So, you think it's impossible to become whale without curating other's content?

I'd love to get more involved with the community. Not sure where to start. I may just have trouble connecting with people...

@aggroed the good work help the minnow to stay and survive....nice to see whales taking cares of minnows through different means....👍

I see photos of your posts, you are quite relaxed, I am happy to see people who are happy again. terimaksih has shared his post.

i would like to curate #steemsilvergold, love looking at their stuff and all the shiny... plus would be nice to have a section for "handmade" those that work with their hands to make masterful pieces of models/woodwork/clay/ and all that.

for now they all get my love at 0.02-0.04 a vote :-)

I had seen the phrase "minnow support project" all over the place, but didn't really know what it was, and never looked into it.

Excited to learn more about it, because it can be hard to get traction on here when you start - hopefully it will make it easier to get my friends excited about Steem when they start up.

Keep up the good work with initiatives like these -- it's important to keep people participating.

Can you elaborate on what msp-waves is?

It's a streaming internet broadcast service capable of radio and video. It's under the umbrella of the minnow support project.

@aggroed How does it support minnows? Please explain that in brief.

Thank you for sharing your curation thoughts. There is a lot to learn from you. Even small accounts like me who are absolute beginners should curate because:

  • They can understand the difference between good and bad content. They become inclined towards producing good content when they understand what it is like. By doing so, they help themselves, the other content producers and the steem network as a whole.

  • Upvotes can start pulling some bits of SP & SBD and they see things in action, on a tiny scale though.

  • They get exposure which helps them connect with seasoned steemians.

Curation for whales is absolutely must. I have seen many whales neither posting nor curating. Whales have a far greater responsibility towards the ecosystem than penguins & minnows.

In fact, it is the whales who are producing real wealth through curation, blogging & keeping their investment.

I will find out what msp is all about and how it can help minnows.
Thanks again for your insights and efforts.

You guys are doing great here. With all your efforts steemit will succeed and I wish all the big guys in steemit join this effort so undervalued posts and new steemians will be encaurage. Those that can understand future be our foot soldier and take steem to the next level where great men like you stopped. Thanks for sharing and supporting this project in area of curation

Thank you for all your good work! So far I am only doing manual votes. I haven’t used a bot, nor delegated my SP. ( really like your idea of supporting those who listen to msp-waves)

Thanks. I'm trying pretty hard to find a good balance. It works for me. I'm not sure everyone should go the same route.

Also looking into what we could do with an SMT for listening... so many options!

When every upvote from whale is here on sale it is good that there are some people who are trying to help us minnows. Two words " Thank you" May not be enough to express gratitude to the work you guys are doing. I appreciate what you guys are doing.

There is a request to the people who are going to receive this benefit. When you grow please make sure that you support other's who are below. This is the way you can return the favor you receive.

That would be cool... Guess this would make more people listen to msp-waves...and I hope you get your t 15k SP cause the more it grows more people will benefit from your upvotes...

Agreed, and I'm trying to curate more, too. That is what we love about Steem and even Bittorrent. We help each other out in that kind of way. Upvoted. Resteemed.

So much to learn from this. Even as a newbie, one wouldn't think it's a curse when you've carefully put up a good and Enviable content ad still do not get reasonable upvote. I assume it's a matter of time. I just always appreciate when my contents are upvoted by those I do not know and I tend to do the same when I storm at good contents too. I am so impressed with this you've done @aggroed. People like you are morale boosters for freshers like us.

You are making a great article I wish I could become as successful as you and get a voice for me

Though I tried several times to get lease from @minnowsupport team but I was rejected. That you describe will be a good idea for those healthy accounts. But not for those small accounts those are struggling.

That's great what you are doing and thinking of doing. Great work and thanks.

Nice Information

good project. your intention to increase minnow is very noble. hope you enter heaven.

This is such a crazy platform. Every time I turn around I find another initiative to push content forward. I've been mostly sticking to photography - and my updoots are small - but i like supporting people who are making great stuff. Thanks for continuing to make the platform better.

Thank you for doing this to the community, @aggroed

I believe steemit will keep better platform ☺️

This is a very good plan man. I believe it will helps new steemian like me. It very very discouraging when you spend hours trying to write a well detail content and no one seems to give an upvote.

Thanks for having us in mind.

Very good to know that curation is supportet more and more.

You are making great things happen that are really gonna benefit Steem this year from the grassroots up!


Wow. Good job. I really hope @sunravelme can unravel my shirt stories...

Thanks. this is a new and valuable lesson for me as a new member in steemit. @aggroed

Woww hermano, seguramente te esforzaste mucho para hacer este post, mucha suerte y éxitos para tu blog:)

I always found few of underrated authors they can't shine i knew few of them gave up and not engaging with community .But this project ll boost them.thanks .

Great project bro

Dear friends, you told me in your hearts,
I owe it so much I try to comment and follow. There is no alternative to me without you. You need my vote too. I need some mercy on me auto vote .

Great one @aggroed, you have a heart of gold. I can't imagine that someone can be so dedicated to helping others. Thank you for being such a great help to people and also seeing to the betterment of this community. Meanwhile, I like to be part of contests if you do organize any because I really need to earn some bucks real quick to pay my house rent.

High regards.

This is very informative, thank You for putting it together like this.
i don't know what else to say...

Sir I direct message you in Discord regarding delegation. Anyway, wow PAL is the best the fact that the mod's name is Shane like my name. (Lmao just kidding). Honestly, PAL has many projects that make the community the bestbplus its helpful curators.

Beautifully covered important areas @aggroed. Now I am following all these people to know more about art, music, writing, poetry, finance and other topics. I believe learning is ‘something about everything and everything about onething’ that’s why I love to read more and more and enhance my knowledge, like to interact with more people to get their views.

I have seen what you have done in the last 8 months. You were distracted by a full time job.What you are going to do this year I want to see and be a part of !!!
Starting to think my own Tesla is not so far out of reach!
Might be able to keep up w/ you then. ;-)
Whale done!

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I've been using steemit for 1 month, still zero at curating awards. Been trying the research more on curation rewards. Hope by following you, I can learn more on it. Thanks for sharing this post. Appreciate it!

I never, ever have enough votes :) I have been here for just over 2 weeks which qualifies me as minnow food. But I manually curate, generally commenting on 20-50 posts per day. Not for the Steem at this point at all. I'm looking for friends and allies.

So. Thank you and the MSP. I caught my first 'small upvote' from MSP yesterday. It looked like a million to me. I waited more or less patiently for 9 days to join...

Thank you!

Thanks for posting this. I'm fairly new so it's all a bit overwhelming, but posts like this help us newbies get a better idea of what's going on. Definitely going to check out @minnowsupport. I've got lots to learn!

Today is the third day I am on steemit. Lots of things to learn and I am glad to get this starting point to further study. Thank you @aggroed who did reply me in another post earlier. Keep on learning from you guys.

Sounds like a good plan Ag. I'm so happy that we can help people with our Minnow Support Curation efforts. I'm gonna check out msp-waves, minnow support is really awesome already, great community that I need to get more active in

Nice post Thanks for sharing
upvoted resteemed (Y)

Excellent to read what you are doing for the community and to allow for people to pitch in and help out! :)

Detailed information, nicely done. More grease to your elbow. Keep steeming and touching lives

let's say I have a good plan in practice, but this is from toplluk that hard if you're a freshman

Thanks for the mention <3

I am really enjoying the hunt for great undervalued content in the tech niche. So much of it is copy/paste and blatant plagiarism. Show casing those who work hard is what we need to make any niche epic.

Hai @aggroed I want to ask, is there no curator for the Gaming genre?
and how I can get Upvote from you ?

am not sure if you're reading all comments but i would like to know how the curation works... do you follow specific tags?

Thanks @aggroed !!!
It's amazing, looks like steemit is huge!
I wonder how people like you, could help to change the world. I follow you!
Best regards

Thanks for your support of the platform! And for the content that helps newbies stay afloat.

Thank you for this, I'm still pretty new here and getting my feet wet in terms of how it works etc. There's definitely a learning curve, but I really like the community and I know that this is the right spot for my blog. Thank you for all the info, I'm looking forward to checking out the others you mention in this post as well!

What I enjoyed about reading this is that there's a solid subtext of authentic caring about the community. And that is, in my opinion, how you build a community.

I see Steemit rather like tending a garden. If you mind what you plant and everyone works together to put the right veggies next the right flowers and then we all water and weed as needed, then everybody ends up with plenty of food in the long run. On the other hand, if you don't plan, and then you just rip out whatever you want without putting in any effort, you might eat now, but you'll likely end up starving next year because nothing worthwhile is growing.

Thank you for your hard work!