@Yehey - Witness Server updating to 0.20.6

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Updating my Witness Server to the latest release v.0.20.6

Keeping my servers up to date. You will find all the detailed changes here.

Primary Server

with the following hardware specifications. Plenty of room to grow.

  • 96 GB RAM
  • 16 vCPU
  • 1 TB Harddisk
  • version 0.20.6

Backup Server

  • 96 GB RAM
  • 16 vCPU
  • 1 TB Harddisk
  • version 0.20.5. Replaying to 0.20.26.

If you want to build your own Witness server. You can use this step by step procedures.

Other services on a different servers.

  • Pricefeed running on a dedicated server, to provide up to date Steem/SBD information.
  • Conductor for witness management.
  • Condenser site e.g. https://steeming.com project. Keep Steeming with good content!

Image source from: https://Yehey.com

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • @Broadcast giving FREE up vote. I continue to delegate, currently at 1750 SP. Right now it is a self-funded project, hopefully other Whales will help out too. Please join our chat at https://SteemChat.com to say hello. Use post-promotion - channel $upvote [yourlink] to receive up vote from @Broadcast 24x7.
  • @Automation Chat Bot for a fun conversation. Simply call my name to start.
  • Community Bot (BETA) by @Council - curation upvoting service, continue searching Authors with good content.
  • https://Yehey.org our back-end servers for condenser website, Witness servers, etc. Keep steeming for a better future. You need to have a backup website to access the Steem blockchain if Steemit is not available.
  • https://Steeming.com our very own condenser website.
  • https://SteemChat.com Steem Community Chat at Discord server.
  • Updated Witness campaign https://witness.yehey.org (just like this one).

@Yehey Earning Reports as Witness

This is very simple to answer. Since I became a witness I haven't earn enough to pay for my servers e.g. Witness nodes, Condenser, Community Bot, etc. Being a Witness, it is not a profitable business unless you're in Top 50. Help me move up the rank. This is where I need YOUR HELP, Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness.

If you like what I do helping our community. Please Vote @YEHEY as your Witness.

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses URL address then scroll down, type "yehey" and Vote.

I created a short URL to make it easier to vote, using this link https://on.king.net/witness simply click and vote. This will redirect to Steem Connect for SECURE authentication.

Thank you,

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Good point but I do have another tab open on a different website so I still am on the internet.

welcome to the brave new world of 20.6 :-)

Not as painful from the previous released :)

We are all better equipped now ;-)

That's one way to put it. Have a nice weekend my friend.

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