[UPDATE] How to update Steem-in-a-box from HF20 to HF21 (Hard Fork 21)

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This is a short post just to help everyone get updated for HF21. The full post will be coming in the next few days.

If you aren't already using Steem-in-a-box to run your witness, seed, or other Steem node, check out my post The Easy Way To Install/Upgrade to Hardfork 20 with Steem-in-a-box

The default image for Steem-in-a-box HF21 is with MIRA disabled. You should have at least 64G of RAM available, and make sure your /dev/shm is set to 64G (sudo ./run.sh shm_size 64G). MIRA instructions will be included in the full HF21 post coming in the next few days.

If you want a smaller, cheaper server for your witness (using MIRA), check out my company @privex's new Node-in-a-box™ package - our new $50/mo VPS-STEEM package comes pre-installed with Steem-in-a-box, and already replayed with HF21 (MIRA Enabled) so you'll be up and running in less than an hour.

To update from HF20 (0.20.x) to HF21 (0.21.0), it should be as simple as:

cd ~/steem-docker
git checkout master
git pull
./run.sh install
./run.sh stop
sudo ./run.sh clean shm
./run.sh replay

Replay times for non-MIRA HF21 vary from as low as 6 hours, to a high of 24 hours - mostly depending on the speed of your CPU.

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Thanks for the help and simplicity Guy, most appreciated 😎

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Wow. Looks promising to run a witness like this! Might try it sometime.

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i most certainly will be getting setup with you guys with a witness node at some point for sure, that's a good package for $50 a month WITH mira installed. love that! thanks for this post.

How can I get your company's discord handle @someguy123?

here's our public discord server: https://invite.gg/privex

Thank you, well if it's quite confidential you can edit and take it off since am in now, otherwise you can leave it. Cheers!

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