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Over the last year, more and more stake on steem is going towards vote bots. While economically this is an expected behaviour, those users who work hard for their content and don't use bots on principle are the ones loosing out.

I always had a few hand selected people and posts that I voted with my stake, allowing these authors to continue producing great content. And with the new SteemVoter Beta Guilds I want to share my hand picked list with all of you.


I will vote all these authors after 30 minutes with 100% voting power and over 250k SP stake. This means that if you vote them earlier, you can receive a lot of curation. I go so far as to say that this might be even more profitable than delegating to a vote bot. And at the same time you are supporting great authors.

If you want to frontrun me, follow my guild: https://beta.steemvoter.com/explore/guild/reggaemuffin/curators

Here is a summary of the current voting targets set up:

@suesa with her @suesa-random and @suesa-spanish is writing original stories on steem that have many fans. She is promoting science on the blockchain and helps out new and old users in steem.chat. Suesa is the most responsible person I know and only writes quality posts. In my opinion she deserves all the rewards she can get. I am also following her resteems as these are very rare and often important.

@raycoms and @oriononline are both developers of the open source mincraft modification minecolonies and blog about their developement work. They spend a lot of their free time on this project and I want to reward them for making many players happy with every new big and small update.

@steemchiller is developing SteemWorld, a really awesome tool to check all the data on an account that you would ever need. He takes no cut on anything and relies on update posts to fund his work, so I am supporting his development as much as I can.

@steempeak is a new frontend for the Steem blockchain that has a modern desing, is fast, has many features interfaces like steemit.com lack and can shedule your post and allow you to save post templates. @themarkymark showed me steempeak and I fell in love immediately. So I am supporting their update posts.

@steemstem is a science community that is hosting a meetup next month. I participate in the meetup and vote their posts to fund some of the awesome work they do. Most of the team works in honorary positions and puts a lot of time into advancing science on the blockchain. They deserve it.

@googlyeyes is a contest that is as silly and as important as it can get. You stick googly eyes to something and take a picture. It promotes mindfulness and gives participants a bit of quiet time while looking for something to stick these goofy eyes on. The contest gives back all it earns so the votes on it get distributed to many genuine users.

@taxguy is currently tackling the complex topic of taxes and cryptocurrency in germany. He blogs about recent delevopments and is an advocate for the steem community, always there to help with questions.

@lichtcatchtoby did a steem tour visiting many fellow steemiands and documenting his journey. I met him and he is a very cool guy. I am supporting his travels and enjoy seenig the world through his lense.

I would love to hear feedback in the comments. Are there other authors that post consistent quality? Do you have ideas for what I can change? I will adapt the guild all the time, so you can follow once and trust that your vote goes to awesome people. I am voting 100% on all these users so I only add authors who post once every few days and put a lot of effort into each post.

This is an initiative for more curation on steem. Give without expecting to receive compensation. Build the steem you want to blog in. If it rewards these awesome people, I will gladly give my curation rewards away!

~ Peace


Follow my awesome authors guild for great curation

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So what you're saying is we should get to work on our Auto Voting system so that our users can also get in the action very simply. There are some awesome systems out there that do this and I (@jarvie) personally use them but there exist a lot of users who have never used a 3rd party tool outside of the main interface... so we're trying to get everything together in one place.


If you want we could see about a steemvoter cooperation. In your case I would focus on building a great interface and not focus as much on voting bots. In my opinion that was a problem busy had, they auto voted content but didn't improve the interface, so they got all the spammers.


I thought your post was partially a promotion of using an auto vote system to support causes... you gave a link and everything. It's a feature i'd like to see @steempeak have for users. And technically it's not really a "bot" is it.

I think we may be on the same page but i didn't write it out well.


I thought you wanted to develop that system anew and add it to steempeak. So I was suggesting that instead we could see about adding steemvoter intogration into steempeak. I'd be happy to talk with you over discord about this if you are interested.

Good day to you Mr. Reggae muffin, let me start by appreciating your input in the steemit community. I've randomly received upvote from you a couple of times and it means a lot me and others like me.
I was hoping I could point you in the direction of a full time comedy community on steemit that's growing. #comedyooenmic is currently in the 28th week of existence and it has brought a lot of good content and laughs to the blockchain. It would be really awesome if you could sprinkle some of your awesomeness on the community. We have a discord channel with a lot of fun seeking people that want to spread laughter within the blockchain and I hope you'll join us there and see what we're about. https://discord.gg/yJcKf7Q


#comedyopenmic is a GREAT initiative! Anything that encourages people to laugh (especially when Steemit morale is low) is a worthwhile use of time! hahaha
I've spent lots of time giggling with @dj123 in comments - and @mineopoly had nominated me twice. I resisted at first - because I didn't think I could be "funny on cue" LOL

but after I finished - I realized it wasn't about that! It was just about laughter and lightness - something I had been needing! Great project :)

@dreemsteem, from the Welcome Wagon


Thanx Waggy. Yeah, it's really fun. We try to be funny but yeahz the comments and responses is where the real jokes drop in.


for SURE!!!

the comments is where the MAGIC happens on EVERY post. oh my gosh - it's where I live!!! :)

I think @steemarity would be a great choice.

  1. They are not posting too often, if they do it is always for the good cause. (The rewards are all used for real-life charity stuff, not money is lost to officials or a organization)
  2. It is a project @limesoda does with students from Austrian colleges, therefore some great promotion for the whole Blockchain in areas where you would expect many people who possibly could produce high quality stuff.

@steemarity would be a really great addition to your guild @reggaemuffin as explained in the post above by @theaustrianguy.


That is a great suggestion, thank you! I personally plan to vote people, not charity, so I will not include them but they could could start a guild themselves where people can follow and support.

Thank you so much for your support! It pushes me to keep delivering good content which i am passionate about. I already got some big plans for big projects on steemit, cant wait to get started on them.

It was a pleasure to host you in my apartment in Vienna. You and @suesa were great guests and come back whenever you want.

Best regards,



Amazing initiative @reggaemuffin, we are truly lucky to have you supporting us and @steemstem!!!

I am not there. It's either because I don't write enough or because I am not writing what you want me to (that old novel I kinda started). Possibly both?

If I can recommend anyone, it would be my BFF @didic . He blogs daily and consistently and is generally awesome.


Many people are not yet there ;) maybe you have to convince me on the meetup :p


Challenge accepted!!! <3

@mayasiam writes great food posts.
Of course I also like the posts of @kobold-djawa (about food, singing on DLive or writing about her/our garden) ... yes, she is my wife, so I am very biased, but that's not her mistake - just decide yourself. :)

@taxguy unterstütze ich übrigens auch upvotemäßig (und er mich, in Form der diesjährigen Steuererklärung ... wir waren sehr überrascht zu erfahren, dass er ganz in der Nähe wohnt ...). ;-)


Klasse Sache, da bist du ja ganz in der Nähe. Lust auf ein spontanes Mini-meetup? :P


Sehr gerne. Am Montag war @taxguy bei uns zu Besuch (er ist mir, auch abgesehen davon, dass er sich um unsere Steuerangelegenheiten kümmert, sehr sympathisch) - wir könnten uns ja mal zu dritt in der Stadt (z. B. St. Johanner Markt?) oder bei einem von uns treffen?

Ich kann später ja mal schauen, ob ich dich im Discord- oder Steemit-Chat finde und dir dann eine Privatnachricht (mit Telefonnummer etc.) schicken.

Hi @reggaemuffin, Thank You for writing this post. I agree with your viewpoint on helping the original content get rewarded as they are the ones not sacrificing on quality. I'd follow all these Steemians mentioned in this post and will resteem all their posts.

I'll also go through your guild link in detail to know more about it.

Lastly, I'm new to this amazing platform Steemit and exploring it more and more to learn new things from leaders like you. I'm a Sports commentator and all my life has been nothing but Cricket. I want to bring all my cricketing endeavors to Steemit. I don't know what's the best way to get the most out of my posts in terms of rewards. Please guide me on it. Also, why do we vote some as Witness? Does that person become our mentor and train about posting on Steemit? Please help me understand it.

Just followed you and shared this post with my tiny fanbase. :)

Happy Steeming!


Hey asif,

glad to have you on steem. There are sports communities like for example steemsports that you might enjoy participating in.

Witnesses are like the government of the Blockchain, we decide on important things that impact all users and ensure that the network runs smoothly. Voting witnesses is doing your part in electing the people you think advance tge Blockchain the most.


Never underestimate the power of a "tiny fanbase" :)

Welcome to Steemit, @asif.bokhari

I've been following @suesa's Steemit blog and she always comes up with original Science Facts and Fictions. Both are detailed and equally good. For some time, I've stopped seeing her posts may be, she was busy in her research work. I'll see all other Steemians mentioned in the post and for sure follow all of them. Good work @reggaemuffin.


Bachelor thesis took my life, soul, and time. But I'm slowly returning :)

Since I Joined the platform I met with so many wonderful souls but to be very honest I never saw such blog before. A blog that is based on sincerity and honesty. The person who is promoting the steemit in a very interactive and in a very positive way to support the passionate members of the platform is highly appreciated. Superb initiative taken by you and I salute your efforts @reggaemuffin <3

I have noticed your support for credible and good content.
I hope to get support from you in terms of upvotes but I wouldn't be selfish thus, would recommend someone
Please support @rememberit She blogs about travels, music and creates great writing content too


I'll check out your and her blog, thanks for the tips :)

My bar on quality is very high, so for 100 people asking, maybe one gets in. There are only so many votes per day. But I hope others follow the idea and create their own guilds. I might even follow some good ones with a few percent


Thank you for your altruistic nature

Hi reggaemuffin
What I prefer doing is to spread more my votes, not give only 10 user a day a vote but rather 20 user a 50% vote so I can support more people. A steemian that produces a lot of quality content I can recommend to you is @guyfawkes4-20 .


I spread out my remaining votes, but these people only post infrequently so I want to support them as much as I can.


Ok that is a valide point

This is what I call, The Man Of Steem!
Great initiatives and hope that many Steemians could join! 😎🤘

I followed your guild now. This is one of the best way to earn curation.

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Hey, ich schreibe den Kommentar mal auf Deutsch, hoffe das das okay ist:)
Ich könnte gleich drei Autoren mit wirklich gutem Content vorschlagen:
Da wäre einmal @lauch3d der qualitativ sehr gute Beiträge schreibt (gerade im Bereich Investment).
Dann @chappertron der ebenfalls sehr hoch qualitative Beiträge schreibt (zum Thema Biologie)
Und dann schlage ich auch noch mich selber vor (sorry:D) schreibe gerade eine Artikelserie in der ich erkläre wie Bitcoin funktioniert.(heute abend kommt mein sechster Artikel dazu)

Coole Initiative von dir, würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du dir die oben genannten Autoren mal näher anschauen würdest, da ihre Posts wirklich gut sind.
Dir noch einen schönen Tag:)

Cool stuff muff man, congrats to the authors.

Great list of content creators!

Would be amazing if you could review my profile as well. I've been an active curator, content creator, and Steem based talk show host now for over a year. Would really appreciate a look when you have time! Thanks for supporting the Steem community @reggaemuffin!

That's serious voodoo shit but I've just signed up. I know you're only going to follow top authors and totally respect your judgement. Thanks for opening it up and for the opportunity.
Best wishes to you fella :-)

I really love your efforts and it sure will be a great news for the selected people and they will get more inspired and work on their blog even more

Keep up the good work of your Guild :)

You've shown selfless love and care to those who put in much effort on their content, keep up the good works @reggaemuffin. Although i have never gotten your vote but am just glad you support others ;)

The best way " to reward but not expecting in return" 👍 good to see your post...

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That is what steem was initially about. Proof of brain and such ;)


But things have changed completelly..the more development happens..the more it is getting away from actual motto

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The community is responsible for deciding the direction of things. Every user is a stakeholder.


Thats true...flowing with the flow..

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Amen! If we value this platform, then we need to be a part of steering this ship in the right direction! (I actually used that same line in our Welcome Wagon post yesterday!) Lol

Apathy is so deceptively dangerous!

By the way... Hey @steemflow! 😊

This way you are killing it...
Thanks muffin to make it work properly...


The steemvoter guilds were a lot of work and @upheaver is to thank for coding the system.

I hope that many use it to improve organic curation on steem.

I'm going to recommend the @welcomewagon program run by @dreemsteem. This small dedicated group has been working since April to come alongside promising new Steemians and mentor them. They do a week of intensive individual training about the platform and then continue to support and encourage them in community after they graduate. Currently they are accomplishing about a 65% retention rate with their grads.

This post should give you a better sense of their program:


Wow! Thank you for the recommendation @shadowspub!

And thank you @reggaemuffin! I'm always appreciative of people on Steemit who look to support others! Not just whales- but ALL Steemians! 🙂 It's a mindset, and we also try to encourage generosity among even the reddest redfish! Hehehe
I would be absolutely thrilled to receive upvotes from you! The financial aspect is amazing... But the fact that what we are doing would be recognized as important enough to support- THAT encourages us so much!!!

If you do read that post that @shadowspub suggested, please also read the comments!

You'll truly see the heart of some of the Grads and members of WW shining there!

The post following that one (yesterday's post) and today's post are further examples of the kind of heart and mission that you'll be supporting!

Thanks for the opportunity to even be considered!!!
@dreemsteem for the Welcome Wagon

I'm just going to switch to posting turtle videos,1 so don't look at me. But there are two lower-posting-volume things I'm doing that might interest you.

@themesopotamians is a user retention program I'm building using gamification to encourage community development and build a population of community-minded dolphins. Here's the current roadmap. The posts themselves aren't great but I think the underlying project is, and it's currently supporting 60+ users.

@forinvestors is an information and resource portal for anyone looking to write pitches and prospectuses for businesses built on Steem. I'm sure it's too new for you to want to support it yet but I hope it's worth being on your radar. I may bug you about doing an interview for it at some point.

1 Not actually true.

You should really check out @mydivathings. A great writer of works of fiction and poetry but mostly earns in few cents to dollars. She deserves a lot more upvotes.

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Sorry, they post 2-3 times a day, that would be too much for my category of authors :)


Sure :)

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I am not a very bad writer my friend. You can include me in your list. I am not getting much for my hard work. This is very discouraging.

Great community,I appreciate your beautiful creativity thanks for sharing this post

Very good initiative I guess, i just followed the guard now

those are good choices, most of my content probably is not good enough to deserve such a vote.

Waw great picture, and i like it
Pleas allow me to study with you

WOW! I'm impressed with this and with your mentality! Nice to meet you.

Are you one more good guy that I stumbled upon on this beautiful Steemit journey? :)


Hey @whack.science ;) Miss you TeddyBear! hehehehe

"those users who work hard for their content and don't use bots on principle are the ones loosing out."

I thought using bid bots aren't profitable @reggaemuffin that is why I don'y use them :/


Ahhh that might be misleading, I was talking about the investor side. Using vote bots (not all are bid bots) can be profitable in cases like minnowbooster and can be unprofitable in other cases. But this post is not about bots at all

I'm a fan of @suesa-spanish, excellent sci-fi post, I really stop posting since his last series Despeirtos, for now we continue interacting on the steemit platform

Hey I followed your Guild. I also created my own Guild and I am looking for followers -CryptoTimeTravellers
Bloggers who care about crypto prices, travel narrative, communitarian and anarchist issues, as well as writing fiction, gaming narratives, how our world will look like and what challenges of globalisation are faced by digital nomads.

Hello, love your initiative and would like to invite you to take a look at our work. We also try post good content on a regular basis. It would be an honor.

That’s a great initiative ! Will check out the authors

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Oh sweet!! @googlyeyes is on the list congrats!! :D

Also I see you've mentioned meetup @reggaemuffin in the comments, what is that? Is there any chance I can join to show off my weekly contest for possible support? :)

Hi @reggaemuffin!

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awesome idea and nice chose of accounts to vote on. May I suggest you take a look at @abh12345. he runs the Engagement league which has grown in popularity and is going since last year. he also delegates out to individuals and projects for free. he does not over post and is for sure an account worth supporting


Posts once a week, usually a Friday.


Very good pick, added :)