Upgrading my witness to 128GB and appbase

in witness-update •  3 months ago


1480776ms database.cpp:2824 check_free_memory ] Free memory is now 17G. Current block number: 25664700

For a long time now I planned on overhauling my witness node, making it future proof and ready for the new hard forks. While there is still some time for 64GB nodes to shine, my witness is now running on 128GB of RAM.

I moved away my main witness from @privex and to a different data center. This is something I wanted to do for a long time and it ensures that one of my witness servers will work even in case of data center failures. Redundancy rocks!

And while shopping for new servers I found one that I very much liked and that just so had a few more gigabytes of that precious memory that steemd loves so much.

In this sweep I also fixed my seed node that had a hardware lock up. It runs smooth as ever again.

And in all that moving, I finally moved to the appbase version. There were quite a few bugs so I was more conservative in upgrading, but it seems to run more stable now.

Since I most of the time fail to write a lot in each update and then tend to not write at all, I now plan to do more short updates and just post them, regardless of if they are 1k words or not :)



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Plenty of room to run a Minecraft server on there as well ;p


Probably enough room for 6 mc servers ;)


6 mc servers or one minecolonies mc server =D


Not the way I run them, modded 4 life!


The next steem game? Steemcraft?

I'm glad you finally moved it, and it's good to know you'll post more updates, it's been long I saw your witness update

Good choice, more witnesses should follow the responsibility of helping to maintain the network employing stronger nodes, especially in the higher ranks.

As an IT person, I'm very jealous haha. That's awesome, bet it runs like a charm!

@reggaemuffin, We all know that what role is Witness System plays and they are Backbone of Steem Blockchain.

And all the upgrades will enhance in the process and i really want to appreciate this upgrade and update and good luck.

And now many exciting updates are coming in upcoming days and staying Up-to-date is really vital and important subject.

So, i want to appreciate this Witness-update and i want to say that through these updates you are showcasing the essence of Active Witness.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

glad that you finally did it. Procrastination can be an asshole sometimes but when we finally beat it, the joy is unimaginable. Congrats on your achievement

That a boy! Witnesses stepping up the game, leading by example mate.

Keep the updates coming :-)


Hmmm not that much related sadly...


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a very useful program,really great work my friend,success is always,@regaemuffin

Is it mining setup. If yes then which model is this and coin you are mining currently.

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It is a steem witness, not mining :)

Wie ein großer Philosoph schon sagte: "Mehr ist immer besser"
In diesem Sinne: Gute Arbeit!

I almost forgot I followed you! :P

Congrats on the upgraded server! I'm more than a little jealous. :P

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Some people just don't like reading too much, they just want a quick update like reading the morning newspaper headlines.

It's nice to find your account. This is the first time I visited your blog @reggaemuffin


What new Hard Forks...???
I see you up-vote yourself more than you up-vote others... Oh well...


You seem to have no clue what you are talking about?

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