Witness "pjau" Update Year 2 Week 3

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Hello everyone!

So my third week of year two as a witness is over. At the time of writing my full rank is #99 and my active rank is #93.

I've had no issues with the server, everything is running smoothly still. Since last weeks update I've produced 30 blocks and haven't missed any.

Outside of being a witness, I've put in 12.5 hours with @steemcleaners since last update, processed over 300 user reports.

Anyway, I think that is all for this weeks update!

Every vote is a treat for Xander!

Vote for me as Witness

https://steemit.com/~witnesses: type in pjau and click vote

Vote @pjau via Steemconnect




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If it's not Xander, don't bother ;)

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In other news:

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Got my vote. Can't be any worse than the others.

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