Witness "pjau" Update Week 23

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Hello everyone!

So my twenty-third week as a witness is over. At the time of writing my full rank is #143 and my active rank is #122.

I've had no issues with the server, everything is running smoothly still. Since last weeks update I've produced 11 blocks and haven't missed any. I haven't changed any of my witness settings.

Outside of being a witness, I've put in 20.5 hours with @steemcleaners since last update, processed over 250 user reports and done a lot of Discord chat support (felt like way too much 😂).

Anyway, I think that is all for this weeks update! 😊

Every vote is a treat for Xander!

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Here you go, Xander!

Ruff Ruff, thank you @themanwithnoname!

Man, now I want a churro! Ha ha.

Never seen one of them before, but it looks exactly the same. haha

You should see him when he runs around with it in his mouth, it looks like a fat cigar or something 😂

You've never seen a churro!!! Wow, you're missing out, man. And the state fairs are probably over by now. You're going to have to find a Mexican restaurant near you and check those out. Cinnamon and sugar for the WIN! :D

It kinda does look like he's trying to smoke. He should know that's not good for dogs. Hee hee.

So, coming up on half a year as a witness, eh, @pjau. That means time has flown once again, because it doesn't seem like it should be that long to me. If I look at my STEEM age, I will probably find that I'm over 300 days old, or very close to it, which will also seem impossible. But yet, here we are in mid-October, and it doesn't seem like another year should be nearing its end. Again. :)

So, how does it feel to have so many weeks under your belt? Any words of wisdom? Things, as a witness, you might do differently if you could? I don't know. Something you've learned. :)

time has flown ....... STEEM age ....... nearing its end

Yeah feels like a week ago and a week away. 😁

how does it feel to have so many weeks under your belt?

No different to be honest.

Any words of wisdom?

The Earth is round, not flat like those weirdos keep telling us. 😂 Oh you mean Witnessing, nah not really, its pretty easy to learn and do.

Things, as a witness, you might do differently if you could?

Well when I first decided to witness I had read an old guide that said 16GB Ram would be enough, but you needed 32GB at the time (but not for long), so anyway I got 64GB, which is still doing fine, got a lot of life left before needing to upgrade, its at about 45 right now. Just make sure you get the facts before renting something.. haha, don't rush.

Didn't think I was going to be doing an interview today. 😉

Every interaction with me can turn into an inquisition interrogration interview. :) I guess old habits die hard. Actually, though, I'm just naturally curious, and I wanted to know.

That's good that it's relatively easy to learn. Not that I'm looking to become a witness, but I've read that it was a little less automated in the beginning and that people had harder times setting them up and keeping them running. The fact that you find it easy means you could be doing it for quite some time, which I think is a good thing, too.

re: Earth is round

I'm amazed at how often those folks turn up. I'm hoping they're a very small, but very vocal minority. I'm still trying to figure out what telling us for centuries the world is round when it's really flat is supposed to gain the scientific community? Oh, well. :)

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