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RE: HF 21 - More Steem Power More Fun!

in #witness-update2 years ago

I have been leasing SP from minnowbooster since joining last year and I believe it has help me grow.
I was thinking voting time was going to be changed to 1 minute based on a previous post of yours. Thanks for clearing that it is 5 minutes.
The problem with Steem HF is the details are not always clear going to it. We have to rely on people like you to understand what is to happen.

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Thanks for being a loyal customer of MinnowBooster @ketcom, if it helped just one person grow it was worth doing, so I appreciate the feedback.

Yeah everyone voted for 1 min before but then Steemit Inc thought there could be some risk in that, so we all voted on 5 mins to be prudent.

Thanks a lot for your response and feedbak @thecryptodrive. One last question please if you don't mind.
At what point between the 5 minute can one vote to get the best result?
This is important for some of us that use autoupvote bots as we can't manually curate all the people we would like to.
So, my question basically is, is there a penalty for voting at 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes e.t.c.

Yes so at 1 min you only get 20% of the full rewards you should receive from curating, at 4 mins 80% and 5 mins your full 100%. Now there are cases where you may want to vote at 4 mins if you anticipate alot of people will vote at 5 mins, you want to frontrun because whoever votes first gets most benefit, so better to get 80% of more than 100% of less if that makes sense.

Thanks a lot for this strategic information, you are the man.
Thanks also for taking up the SP Lease offer of @upvotebuilders at minnowbooster. @upvotebuilders is a community I initiated.

No probs, thanks for offering a good APR. My account is a showcase account for potential investors so keeping it above 20% APR is great, your orders help.

Copy That.

I'm tapped out now but should have more SP coming in 5 days.

Thanks for the ones you've taken, it'll help us a lot in rewarding our members via upvotes.