Remove Your Vote For Me As A Witness

I am working as much on my "unvote" campaign as I worked on my witness campaign.

I am closing my server in one week, so, if you have approved me as a witness, please, remove your vote. I am putting effort on this campaign because people need to realize HOW IMPORTANT a vote is!

As a witness, I supported votes with "valid thru" date, as a "not witness", I am working for people to actively remove their votes for me before I deactivate the server.

I have made a link with SteemConnect API so people can invite me with a single click:


What's going on dude? I know it wasn't profitable but I thought you were pretty keen to keep at it regardless?

I am working on long term projects, so, until I finish a few things I have to cut expenses and extra work. So, it is not because of profit or not, I actually want to start the server again soon to keep taking losses for the good of the blockchain haha. But right now is not the moment. Also, it is not a big deal, I get 1 block every 1 to 2 days, so my influence on the blockchain is pretty small. But I am working hard on the "unvote me" campaign so that people can use their votes.

I always supported votes to have an expiration date exactly because if a witness close his server, the person get his vote back. As there is nothing like that yet, I need to manually find the voters and remember them to find another good witness.

By the way, thank you for the support! I will keep sharing resources, like hosts and tips, for people that want to become a witness, until I come back. That won't make the blockchain less centralized, but will improve the competition I hope :)

Thanks for the work man!

Thanks! The work never stops man!

I’m sorry to hear about your decision but appreciate the transparency. I look forward to seeing your future projects.

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