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RE: Witness "pjau" Update Week 31

in #witness-update6 years ago (edited)

Wow you mean @makowrites was not in the project for the long haul? I would have never known? I wonder if @lukestokes,@patrice ,@pharesim @swelker101 @acidyo @crimsonclad @scaredycatguide @upheaver want to leave their delegations there. 21 days no activity?
They could have dropped that on one of Steemflagrewards flag accounts like @admiralbot or @flagawhale and requested that someone does more tag policing. Heck we can just designate some guys to focus on tag abuse. Its such a tragic type of abuse on the platform.

Why don't I ever get in on the secret projects? Can we have a hint?


Would of been nice to have told everyone.


NO HINTS except it's to do with Steem. 😁

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