Dear investors, super-users, steemians & supporters. We are happy to announce that @fyrst-witness now is running securely and efficient on the new HARDFORK 19. which will be a very interesting economical change that we can observe and measure during the next weeks. As of right now the consensus looks like the following:

Current: 0.18.0; Witness Majority: 0.18.1; Last: 0.18.0 (3 months ago)
Version Votes by Top 100 Witnesses:

| Version | Witnesses |    MVESTS |
|  0.19.0 |        34 | 1,230,690 |
|  0.17.0 |        25 |   618,424 |
|  0.18.0 |         8 |   412,195 |
|  0.16.0 |        10 |    94,011 |
|   0.0.0 |        12 |    21,366 |
|  0.13.0 |         3 |     6,874 |
|  0.14.0 |         5 |     6,587 |
|  0.15.0 |         2 |     2,290 |
|  0.12.0 |         1 |       545 |

According to SteemD.com the FORK 19 consensus will take effect in about 3 days.
For the record: Total Reward Fund: 1,695,492 STEEM (Worth: $3,499,496 internally; $3,411,589 on Poloniex) just to have timestamped it.

Thank you for your continuous support for @fyrst-witness, we love you!

Sincerely @fyrstikken & @contentjunkie

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Could you help me out understand what is it all about. I am fresh to this platform. Also how it works?

Thanks for the update!

Thank you very much for this post.

19 is my brother's bday! But thats even bigger! :p so excited! Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update and helping to keep this community rocking!

Early HF 19.... Cheers! Thanks for being a witness to this great community.

thank you for your effort in keeping this site great and fun.
thank you for being a witness, as always.

Thank you very much for this post.

Steem on, hope this also helps the new guys here that are struggling.

Thats a very good news. Thanks for the update!

happy 19 woohoo!! :)

Fyrst! When will you start onboarding all the crazy Norwegians!? :D

We need to start getting Scandinavia steeming!

Resteemed. Can't wait.

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

I'm still learning what witnesses do and my hats off to you for supporting to help make it all work together..

nice awesome thanks - following

Thank you for your support!!! Especially to all new Steemians <3


@fyrstikken you may remember me. I remember your great work and help and try to give this knowledge to all new steemians:

What are Witnesses and what are they exactly doing?

Please have a look ;)

This is awesome and great stuff.

You are super! I subscribe now

Way to Go @fyrst-witness !!!!

thank u very much for the info

I wish I even knew what half of this talk was all about. I have learned a few things since I started so I guess I will gradually understand all the rest of this

Thank you, this information is very important

Sweet! I'm so glad! Thank you for the update!

Thank you for the great news! Following!

19 done. Now waiting for fork 20.

Cool, looks like I have joined Steemit for such a time as this!

Only discovered steemit a month ago, seems I joined at the perfect time. Thanks for the update, duly witnessed @fyrst-witness

Only been here a few days but @fyrstikken has got my vote and thank you for the support given to us.

@fyrst-witness & @fyrstikken... Just voted fyrst-witness as a Witness. Sorry 4 my lack of understanding that You both are the same person.

Have a Great Weekend !!

Thank you! Woohoo!

So much thx ure awsome, thx u very very much! U make my day

Looking forward to this 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Oh cool!

This is awesome!

Aweasome! Thanks for your work!!


You got my vote!

great post always like and enjoy your post

You sir are AWESOME!

Sounds great man! Keep on rocking brother!

I wasnt aware of this, thx for he update.

ahan vgud post always like and upvote your post keep it up , i will be glad to u if you also follow me mit will be my pleasure
from shanzay

follow me @shanzaylizay

Awesome! Followed! I'll vote for you!

Yes! You made my day!

Awesome! Thanks for being a witness!

Great! Can't wait!

I'm so gonna vote for you! :)


DONE! :)

Thank you @fyrst-witness. Know I know who to vote for ;)

Thanks for your dedication to the platform @fyrst-witness @fyrstikken @contentjunkie (followed!).

It's people like you that certainly inspire me to want to create content to help others.

I am looking in to witnesses at the moment and will vote for yours.

Many thanks,


Thanks, please keep us updated!

Just saw this post tnx much for your part in helping the little people here.. recommended you for witness in an earlier post of mine. Resteeming.

really this is very prodigious, thank you very much.

Fantastic ! Thank you!!

This seems pretty exciting!
Good Luck with everyone :)

Thanks for the update, this is great.

great, thanks for the update
I just voted for you as witness

It will be very interesting to see what Hardfork 19 will bring to the community. I'm optimistic.

You a good witness, I remember when I was new in steemit, you always give up vites to my post, and it becomes motivation and encouragement for me to still exist in stremit until now, thank you very much @fyrstikken

I have one question that i have not understood, what is the difference of hf 18 with hf 19?



Yeah~ Thanks, too. Go for it! :D

Wow very nice and I love this :)

Oh wow, another post about fyrst-witness. waiting for the same. Thanks my friend for sharing the story. Upvoted.

Yay! Congrats!

Good luck, voted. All for Norway ;)

ps: check out a few more Norge images at Silver Coin Valuer PRO

It's very good update, very successful!

This is so nice thank you this is amazing.

Sweet! Looking forward to HF19's increased voting power.

Good news...thanks @fyrst-witness

Thank you for your post! I follow you

fyrst-witness thanks for some votes recently, maybe a few months ago.


Thanks for the information @fyrst-witness
very help me
follow me @hattaarshavin

witness voted @fyrst-witness 💗 great job

thank you

Can anyone help me out what it is all about?

Yes!! Thank you!