Davinci Translation Reports: Week 1

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Greetings from @davinci.witness!

Thanks to @pab.ink for making this fantastic drawing!

This is the first report of the translation activity conducted in collaboration with @utopian-io. To ensure high quality of translations, we started to crunch some numbers relative to the contributions, exploring the processes involved behind the management of our LM teams.

DAVINCI TRANSLATION REPORT 1 - June 17 2018 -:- June 23 2018

In summary, in the first week we had:

  • 16 translations
  • Translators have received rewards for $ 671.70
  • 16.462 words have been translated, with an average of 1.029 words per post
  • average score received to evaluate the translations is 58/100
  • average translation payout is $ 41.98
  • number of languages in which translations were made here are 4
  • number of translators who worked are 12

In this table (click to enlarge) you can find averages, medians, mode, minimum and maximum values related to this week 1.

The fields involved are:

  • words for translation
  • scores
  • upvote percentage
  • final payout

16.462 words were translated with a unit cost of $ 0.04 per word. Our goal is to bring that value to an average of 0.10$ per word, in order to enhance the valuable work of our translators.

For this reason, @utopian-io increased the voting cap from 25% to 35%.

The aim of this report was to provide complete transparency about the development of this project.


CC0 Image - Creative Commons, thanks to @mrazura for ITASTEM logo.

If you are the owner of an Open Source project on Crowind platform and you want to translate it with our help and the support of @utopian-io please join our discord server and chat with us.


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These translations have been done in an advanced way by Google. Why not obtain the Google API for translation and program your translations!


Advanced way by who ? Are you trying to insinuate translations weren't done by people ?


They were, and the workings have been advancedly done already and is not far-fetched. Why strain yourselves to repeat the whole work bit-by-bit when you can just obtain the bulk, refine and use. Their works are always very modular, why waste time and effort avoidably?


Machine translators are good but not perfect. Why would you use a machine translator when you can have qualified translators and proofreaders do the translations for free?

Excellent report.
The translators for all those languages do a great work.

great. I hope to get more interested to Davinci project in korean community.

Don't really understand this witness thing . I chose some witnesses , and nothing happened . Try to post decent content , no witness ever upvoted me. How it works ?


It is very important to use your Witness votes on Witnesses that you consider are adding value to the Steem Blockchain. In brief a witness is someone who runs a server 24/7 that is responsible for validating and producing blocks on the blockchain. The good thing is everyone has 30 votes to decide who they trust and believe is adding value.

Good Links to Read:

From the Whitepaper:

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the public record is commonly referred to as a blockchain. A block is a
group of signed transactions. With Steem, block production is done in rounds. For each round, 21 witnesses are selected to create and sign blocks of transactions. Twenty (20) of these witnesses are selected by approval voting and one is timeshared by every witness that didn’t make it into the top 20 proportional to their total votes.

The 21 active witnesses are shuffled every round to prevent any one witness from constantly ignoring blocks produced by the same witness placed before. Any witness who misses a block and hasn’t produced in the last 24 hours will be disabled until they update their block signing key.

This process is designed to provide the best reliability while ensuring that everyone has the potential to participate in block production regardless of whether they are popular enough to get voted to the top. People have three options to overcome censorship by the top 20 elected witnesses: patiently wait in line with everyone else not in the top 20, or purchase more SP to improve voting power. Generally speaking, applying censorship is a good way for elected witnesses to lose their job and therefore, it is unlikely to be a real problem on the Steem network.