Castellano: by the community, for the community

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Considering that the community is the most important thing we have decided to transform this node in an effort to serve and represent the Spanish community on Steemit.

This picture from Google was not made by any of us, and we don’t pretend to claim its authorship.

Do you want to be part of our Witness?

The idea is to split the operating costs between everyone, and that the blocks and STEEM generated will be used to support the community.

To accomplish this, the @reveur team will provide the management and maintance of the node.

The operating costs would be: 90$ for the installation + 65$ for the first month’s rent. (payable to the provider)

The monthly operation costs to rent the server are 65$ per month (about 13 to 25 STEEM)

  • These costs will be covered via FIAT money by @nnnarvaez and equivalent in STEEM will be refunded to his STEEM wallet.

The server got delivered!

We wanted a 64GB and will be getting one soon, so far they are backordered so we settled for a temporary 32Gb

To support us to launch this project we are making a call for donations (for each 5 STEEM you donate to @castellano’s wallet you will receive 5 votes of at least 1$ with the SP of the community or the sponsors)

(Contact @idandy through Discord to receive your votes)

At the beginning of every month an informative publication will be posted every 3 days until enough funds have been collected to rent the server.

Another way to support us is by voting those posts if you have a high voting power (if you don’t, we welcome your vote as well because every bit of help is welcomed!), or by sending a BOT that sells upvotes, so we can pay the rent with the liquid payment from the BOT.

What is a Communal Node?

The objective of a communal node is to make it represent the interests of the whole community.

Each witness has his/her own interests and the shareholders who support them usually agree with their interests, but at the end each witness represents the personal interests of the one who runs the node and the money of the person who supported him/her at the beginning.

A node that is for everyone should be the voice of every person who voted for it.
Why change?
@moisesmcardona kept his witness server and his projects; @nnnarvaez has his own projects too and is working with other witnesses.
Analyzing this carefully, we realized that it doesn’t make sense to share a node, without moving our powerful voters, and that our projects would not have the managerial representation and that castellano didn’t have the freedom to be the voice of the community.
What is its purpose?
It will work as the voice of the community in general, but of course, with the individual commitment to participate and collaborate…
Also it will serve as a mediator between users, as a spokesman of the community in front of the Steemit’s management.
As a guarantor of everyone’s rights (remember that your rights end when the rights of others start and that every right carries a duty and responsibility).
Every week we will make a post called “The Court” where you will have the possibility to leave a comment with your ideas, suggestions and complaints related to the management of Steemit.
You will be able to report the abuse of flags, abusive users and interaction issues, and we will try to channel them and answer you.

Who manages it?

Its founder @nnnarvaez will manage the technical administration in exchange of 10% of the earnings (when there are earnings) and the cummunity will will set up a representation council, it will be known as the Arbiters.
If you want to submit your application to become a Arbiters, you can do so by leaving a comment below explaining why you should be one.
The applications will be voted by the community and the results will determine who will be awarded with available Arbiters spots.
There will be a minimum of 5 Arbiters and a maximum of 20.

Duration of a Arbiters period

There isn’t a specific duration for the Arbiters period, if a Arbiters commits a serious fault, or if he/she has lost the support of the community, inform it and the person will be removed.
As long as the number of active Arbiters is larger than 5, the system of liquid democracy will be applied.

How are the Arbiters chosen?

At the beginning of every month, there will be a post where Arbiters will comment with a report of their activities and accomplishments during his/her management period.
Evert user who votes for @castellano as a witness will have the rights to validate or criticize the Referees.
The users will vote the comments in support (or will flag the person with 1% in disagreement)
If a Arbiters doesn’t post the report, or if he/she receives more than10 flags, the Arbiters will be automatically removed from the Arbiters pool…

Other observations:

  • Nodes aren’t usually profitable in the beginning, that’s why we ask for donations. Once we have reached sustainability, the remaining benefits will be destined to fund and help users in the community. A way to accomplish this is by providing small delegations to solve bandwidth issues using the VP generated by the accumulated STEEM to support social projects.
  • This is an experiment and the rules are given as a baseline, the idea is to evolve and strengthen the rules with everyone’s contribution. (Some sort of constitution for our small piece of Steemit)
  • The passwords and keys for this account are shared between @nnnarvaez and @moisesmcardona. Once the Arbiters council system is established, we will analyze the possibility to use multi authentication (the node itself often requires authentications of the transactions with the active key so we are not sure this can be accomplished). If this is not feasible, then a constant auditory system based in transparency will be applied.

¿ Necesitas la: Version en Español ?

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Excelente Iniciativa

Ya aporté mi granito de arena en el post... me gustaria saber también cual es el link de su discord!


Yo también.


Buenas noches. Pido disculpa por la tardía respuesta. Por causas que se escaparon de mis manos, estuve algo ausente , pero aquí te dejo el discord de reveur, donde tenemos un canal dedicado a @castellano donde conseguirá toda nuestra información y seran aclaradas todas tus dudas.


saludos @jngg87, disculpa la demora, aquí te dejo el servidor de reveur donde aclararemos cualquier duda, ahí tenemos un canal dedicado a @castellano. ¡te esperamos!

Estimado @castellano, recuerda el adecuado uso de las etiquetas... Por cierto saben que cuentan con mi apoyo... saludos☺

Thank For Sharing
Good Post
Me Hope You Be The Best.
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