HF20 Update: BrandonFrye Witness Now Running v0.20.5

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Witness Updated to v0.20.5

Steem Velocity version 20.5 has now been released and my witness has been updated accordingly. The release notes for this patch hinted at an optional (but at some point mandatory) replay, so I'm reindexing the blockchain on my server just to be safe.

Version 20.5 Fixes

  • Fix a timing logic issue introduced when removing RC manabar regeneration cap.
  • Fix an issue which prevents newly created accounts from immediately receiving RC due to the account creation fee.

You can read the full release notes here.

More Patches on the Way?

Most likely. As more bugs are found in the code, patches will quickly be released to fix them. So I'm going to keep these update posts short and sweet from here on out. My goal is to simply let you guys know what's going on, and what I'm doing as a witness to keep the blockchain rolling along. :)


Seems like trial and error now but can definitely see the difference as more come out to engage due to the ability to do so. This is important as the message and perception needs to be that engagement wants to be incentivized and not penalized or restricted for smaller accounts.

Thanks for updating us about your witness. I included you recently in my post about the hard fork, I'm very positive about it. ☺

Hi, when does the daily payout to delegators to your bot resume?