Short official statement from @ned.

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@blockbrothers had personal contact with @ned tonight after reaching out to him and we have permission to share the following.

First of all: He's healthy and OK.

Other things shared by @ned himself:

Steemit inc. is well on track delivering cost reductions for Steem nodes and moving forward with SMT's after the recent layoffs.

The layoffs only impacted a large R&D project and the priority to work on Steem network fundamentals, such as RocksDB and SMT's is more focused than it has been in the last 6 months.

We as @blockbrothers are happy to bury any rumors regarding Ned's health and looking forward to the first update surrounding RocksDB.

The fact that by now actions speak louder than words is clear.

We therefor await further development with interest and keep monitoring the situation for the community.

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WOW - I'm impressed and relieved at the same time!
Impressed that you were able to get in contact with him.
Relieved because what you write sounds good to me!

Thanks a lot for sharing this news!

You are welcome have a great christmas and a steemful New year. See you at the Steemeetup

Thank you!
Same for you guys!

What about the other rumor? The one about a possible major sale taking place?

I'm confirming that rumor from a shady account because no one is supposed to talk about it openly yet.....but I do know this.....the paperwork has already been signed. I hope you know the who, because I've said too much already.

I am now intrigued!

Does that mean that all of these updates from STINC are coming from a Ned-less entity? Or is it just smoke and mirrors to make people believe that all is still normal?

Ooo spicy rumor, Please elaborate more!

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hmmm interesting.

A sale of what...

The only thing Ned has ownership of around here, I would imagine.

imagine that

the Maltese Falcon

I hadn't heard that rumor, but I was thinking that the sudden radio silence could result from something like an agreed quiet period.

Good to see your effort and thanks. Great sign of dedication to the platform !!!

Thanks dear @blockbrothers! Reaching out and in a way trying to compensate for the lack of communication is just awesome. People need the reassurance and you guys made that happen. 'More focus' sounds good as well, priorities have become more clear and with a smaller team there's less distraction.

Thanks your comment is appreciated !

Ahh good to hear. Let them concentrate on their work that for Christmas. Maybe a nice nodememoryreduction under the tree? 😁 I know it's not that fast.

Not quite ready to break out the champagne block bros

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thanks @blockbrothers for giving us the update ! Have a blessed christmas.

@bitrocker2020 we wish you a great christmas and a Steemful New year

Top notch, this is very good to hear!!

Good reaching outings! :0)

Thank you sometimes reaching out is the best way to go.

Appreciate this post @blockbrothers ........Thank You too for all of Your Work in Keeping STEEM Running So Smoothly................

Thanks for the news!📝

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You are welcome.

Nice to read from a powering down witness that the powering down steem founder is ok and his non fired people are working to improve steem. Where is @berniesanders when we need some fun?

If you had done your research you would have found that @blockbrothers consists of 4 members non of whom have ever powered down, including myself. @blockbrothers uses the powered down Steem only to pay privex (witness servers) as you can see from the wallet transactions. All our other costs come out of pocket. Including our Steemify servers and Steemify Android development.

Thank you very much for the update.

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No Thanks needed 👍

I will be careful with my words before being called a fanboy but I think that it is great that the focus remains consistent with that previously disclosed. I hope they continue to improve communication despite their recent failures to do so. I wiuld have wished that they took up @exyle’s offer to act as a liaison but something is better than nothing. Thanks for bridging the gap!

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Thanks for sharing this message and I'm glad that you did so.

Still it's not the right way for him to conduct himself.

Very relieving to hear indeed.

Steem network fundamentals, such as RocksDB and SMT.

SMT are not part of the fundamentals, content discovery via "Proof of Brain" is.

I though SMT was taking it's Smart name from it's "Proof of Brain" distribution.

We are relaying the information as @ned gave it to us. Their focus is on RocksDB and SMT's and he called them Steem network fundamentals.

The way we look at this: While proof-of-brain & discoverability are indeed fundamentals to the blogging (content creation) front-ends, we think these network fundamentals mentioned are necessary tools to further the growth of this blockchain and make it future proof.

I had not heard he was ill, but it's nice to hear he isn't.
As for the promises of good things to come, at this point, I'll have to take a "believe it when I see it" stance. No offense meant to anyone but the track record has been terrible lately, and the community is in shambles as a result. I continue to hope the right people were retained and the right people removed, and this site can recapture its former glory.

former glory-doubtful. I get it-there was nothing like steem, mix in the excitement of crypto, maybe earn some bits. But this place is awaiting the noose and will be as useful as myspace is currently.
Your leaders cashed out long ago. But don't stop believing.... or just move to EOS or better yet ripple. lol

"your leader"...

Fuck, that hurts on so many level.

Ps. I hope you're sarcastic with XRP. XRP != ripple you do know that right?

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I think the 'excitement of crypto' is in a lull right now, but will return - and even get MORE exciting and wild. You seem to think crypto is over, but maybe can't see beyond the current pullback. Are you new?
As for 'maybe earn some bits', many of us have realized that the STEEM blockchain is powerful and useful, and the 'bits' are a bonus. For example, other blog sites are heavily censored and limited. Steemit is far less censored (if at all) and the possibilities (with apps and tokens etc) aren't so limited. The myspace comment is silly.
As for my leaders, I don't have any, but if you're talking about Ned or some inner circle I'm not aware of, fair enough, maybe they've made the golden handshake. Doesn't mean the next owner will ruin the place. But don't stop disbelieving ;)

Became aware the other night that the US Debt to GDP ratio has reach 110%. Today Max Keizer dropped the bombshell that the wotld's debt to gdp ratio is 400%! HODL on to those crypto! 😎

Why is contact with ned so important?
Time will tell as with myspace.
Before Mt. Gox
You ain't seen nothin' yet

Read an excellent posting of Tarazkp's, last night, which really pointed out how the steem network is so much more than just a blogging platform; suggesting further that steemit, itself, was one of many dApps which the blockchain can support.

In my wet dreams steem becomes the open sourced Lightning Network which solves scalabilty issues and ensures low transaction fees for all (and any) proof of work cryptocurrency.

The POCKET Project has reenforced the belief in that dream; with what may be a sneak peek of how SMTs may look.

Tarazkp's post could very well cheer up your day. 😎

Which actions?

I was worried. Seriously. I was thinking the worst which I would never hope for anyone.

Now That @ned is OK, that changes everything. Considering the fact that the CEO would abandon communication and let people fear the worst, there is not going to be a warm welcome if he ever shows his face around here again :-(

It is time for a new CEO

Thank you for bringing this piece of news to light.

You are very welcome

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

@ned A Powerdown has been started for your account.

That is good news to read i know some had been concerned but this seems to indicate the priorities are still in a good direction

Thanks for the update!

You are very welcome

Thanks for the update, I appreciate you taking the time to track him down and extracting the information - which worked best feathers or candles?

I actually thought I saw @ned in Tesco this evening, then I realised he probably wouldn't be in the middle of Yorkshire, UK on a Wednesday evening buying two packets of Werther's Originals and a copy of the Angling Times - looked just like him though.

#thealliance #witness

Frankly, I don't care what Ned ate for breakfast or if he doesn't check in with the community every few days. They've proven to be not very good at communications, so I'm not sure what people expect suddenly in that department. Others should step up instead.

We agree, those things you mention are private matters. Communication is indeed not their strong suit hence @blockbrothers reached out to them when we started to see rumors in the community, stopping these rumors from spreading and informing the community.

Heh. Disappears for a fortnight after a weak, forced mea culpa.

@ned needs an owl.

That’s good news! Dudes only human pretty sure his the pressure gets to him At times! Guess it’s a victim of having such vocal and active users I suppose!

Wishing Ned all the best and good luck with executing the roadmap! We all want a stronger steem 😬 so we all in it together! Same moon

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Dude is human, yes... That behavior might be forgivable if he wasn't a CEO. He has obligations and expectations to show up for work.

To put it in perspective, if a cop was taking bribes, stealing, or even just abusing power, we would not just say that the cop is only human... We would be angry as hell because the cops have certain standards we expect from them because they are cops. CEOs have standards expected of them because they are CEOs. @ned handling of this is unacceptable.

Good to know that at least he is well and let him enjoy the holidays :)

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