Vote for Yensesa as the new backup witness from Ghana - Africa

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Hello Steemians,

I am here to officially introduce myself as a new witness. I am a new backup witness, and I'm just starting to get my feet wet. I am excited to share this announcement with the Steem community and ask for your support and vote.  My witness name is “yensesa”, a Steem/Fiat exchanger and witness run by @black-man and #yensesaTeam, with the full support of #teamghana #teamaccra and #teamafrica.

Who or What is Yensesa

Yensesa means Let’s Exchange a word derived from a Ghanaian language called Twi.  This is a new Steem/SBD to Fiat exchange service that simply automates the process of exchanging Ghanaian cedi (in Digital Fiat form) for Steem / SBD using mobile money transfer. Currently is being done manually and our solution is going to automate it.  

Digital mobile money transfer system is on the rise in Africa. The mobile money transfer system makes it easy for people to cash out paper money conversion of a digital currency from available widespread Kiosks. The issue we are trying to solve is the common practice where Ghanaian Steemians wanting to cash out their Steem / Sbd into local cedis but instead of doing this manually and going through all the struggle of moving it from one exchange to the other and eventually losing money and time in the process, they just use Yensesa and save money and time. 

 As stated by one of our active supporters and advisor @ackza “We don't have the sort of crazy demand that could overload us yet but it is coming as all of Ghana rushes to signup to Steem. Here we see massive growth potential with 30% of Ghana connected to mobile, 90% connected to a mobile phone which can receive MTN, Vodafone Digital Fiat, so this is a project you should pay attention to. “In simple terms we are becoming the Coinbase of Ghana and Africa."

Our contribution to Steem

As active community members and lovers of the Steem ecosystem, we want to contribute to helping Steem achieve the following goals:

  • Make it easy for every Steem user in Africa to be able to cash out their Steem/SBD whenever they want to.
  • Grow the value of the Steem ecosystem and widespread Steem across Africa.
  • Get as many businesses as we can in Africa (Starting with Ghana) to accept Steem as a payment for goods and services via Yensesa POS.
  • Support new users and authors from Ghana and Africa who write quality content on Steem.

Server Capacity

We are running our witness on the following machine:

  • 32 GB Memory
  • 8 vCPUs
  • 620 GB SSD DISK

Why vote for us

For cryptocurrency to fully be adopted means it has to reach most part of world and we believe Africa needs to get involved to help make this dream come true. With less regulation and a way to bring financial freedom to all. There is no time to start empowering the African continent but Now and your vote will go along way to help us achieve this.  

In order to vote for us you can go to:  and enter  "yensesa" into the account text field and click vote. 

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!

Thank you to all our current supporters, we will forever LOVE you guys

@enockagbo1 @richforever @desmond41 @Masterroshi @ackza @accra @stellabelle @reko @justinashby, @yehey @bleepcoin @picokernel @teamsteem @sircork @battleaxe @creativesoul @neoxian @sweetsssj @elgeko, @guiltyparties @poeticsnake @velimir @black-man @surfyorgi @accra @ghana @fredkese 

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions.


I support the movement i wish great success

Thank you for your support @truestory157. Please remember to vote for yensesa as your witness from here ->

Love the work you do for the community keep it up!!

Everyone else go vote vote vote for our witness!!!

Thanks Masterroshi, we need to setup a witness for @accra very soon.

Very soon we will.

My name no dey o 😞

Sorry boss you are sorted now.... :)

Hehehe...thanks boss man

Lol you will soon see yours

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Welcome to the witness world.

I see that you are using 32GB RAM, you need to plan an upgrade very soon. The current memory usage is at 30GB RAM, when it reach your limit you will not be able to produce a block and miss an opportunity to earn your SP.

Good luck to the project and more power to your team.

Best regards,

@yehey... I will surely be planing an upgrade soon.. what are your experiences so far as a witness yourself. What are the things I should look out for to help me become a successful witness?


Managing a server to me is very easy. The hard part is paying an expensive servers and difficulty of getting the support (votes) you need to be on higher rank.

Keep in mind, the higher rank the better. If you check the Top 20, they are the pioneer of steemit it will be difficult to be there. To be in Top 50, you need more votes with high MVest. It will take months or years to break even with the server cost.

Good luck with your projects.

Thank you for the good wishes

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