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Those who follow me may have noticed that it has been unusually long since my last post. Let me assure that this is NOT because I’m becoming less involved with Steem. In fact, it is just the opposite. I have started working on some larger, longer-term Steem projects which I’m very excited about and which have been occupying the vast majority of my free time.

Nevertheless, I do feel that it’s quite important for witnesses to post somewhat regularly so that the community can be assured that we are still active contributors and can keep up with what we’re doing and with what’s going on with the platform.

As most of you know by now, there was a spam attack recently which caused a number of nodes of all types to crash or stop. My primary witness server was also affected and as a result I missed my first blocks. In a strange way I’m happy to have missed a few blocks.

Missed blocks are sort of like witness battle scars that show that they’ve had to deal with all sorts of issues and came out producing on the other side. You know those guys in the top 20 with hundreds of missed blocks have been through it all and know how to handle most anything that gets thrown at them.

As an aside - I think it would be good to show missed blocks as a percentage of total blocks produced. It might look like a lot if you see someone with 400 missed blocks until you realize they’ve produced 400,000+ blocks over the past year and half!

Anyway, i’ve now got my first scars as a witness. Luckily it wasn’t due to any fault on my end and I was able to switch to the backup quickly and apply the update once it was available. Looking forward to see what gets thrown at us next!

In other news, while I haven’t been very active on the posting side, I have been fortunate enough to be asked to do a couple of interviews and also participate in the recent Steem Witness Forum hosted by @aggroed and the Minnow Support Project. Links are below for those of you who are interested:

Last but not least, a couple weeks ago we had another great Steem Philly meetup!

Super awesome new #steemphilly logo by @nateaguila!

The in-person turnout was a little lower than normal but our virtual turnout was great thanks to @kennethbosak who live-streamed the event! Since we meet in a dimly lit and somewhat noisy bar, the livestream isn’t the best quality, but in any case you can check it out here if you’re interested: https://steemit.com/steemit/@kennethbosak/steemit-meetup-in-philly

Thanks for your support!

That’s all for now...thank you very much to everyone who has voted for me and otherwise supported my efforts here - I could not do it without you!

Stay tuned for some awesome new logos, post banner, and profile graphics coming your way from the amazing @nateaguila - I very highly recommend him if you need any graphics or design work! In the meantime if you would like to support me you can use the boring text-based links below. Thanks again!

Click here to vote for me using SteemConnect or go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and click the upvote icon next to my name on the list!

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I just came home and noticed that @steem-bounty also had missed some blocks. Probably for the same reasons.

Thanks for the update.


Welcome back! Hope your trip was good. Yes that's probably why it had some missed blocks. It looks like it's currently inactive so you should check that it's still running and also apply the latest update. Not sure if you are using the docker image but you can find more info on the update for that here: https://steemit.com/witness-update/@someguy123/important-update-steem-in-a-box-for-v0-19-3-steemfeed-js-update

Thanks for the shout out! It's been a blast working with you.

@yabapmatt , you are a great guy and overall tremendous asset to the entire STEEM community! I'm excited to see what comes next!

I think it would be good to show missed blocks as a percentage of total blocks produced. It might look like a lot if you see someone with 400 missed blocks until you realize they’ve produced 400,000+ blocks over the past year and half!

Great idea!

@drakos - can you implement that on steemian.info?

And maybe @stoodkev for steemplus?

great update... have been enjoying steembot /// peace , steem on !


Thanks @clumsysilverdad! I can't wait to get my 2018 Steem Silver Round which will be my first precious metal investment!

Hi Matt. It's great to see a witness update and know you're working on a long-term project for Steem.

You will always remember that first battle scar, if you think of it in a positive light. It really is a shame to have that spam attack. I know @danielsaori recently launched his witness campaign and he too missed that first block. Perhaps add shades of blue and white, a couple zig zags, and turn the scar into a Steemit battlefield cry? :)

Also, the #steemphilly logo is cool! I would love to attend one of the meetups one day, but it's challenging with the meetup being held in the evening of a workday. The life of being a parent and finding a babysitter for those late hours. :) I will have to check out that recording though.

Should the #steemphilly tag be used only for Philly events? I have my silly photography and song posts, but don't think it relevant to Philly so I never use the tag. If I'm ever out and about the City and have something interesting to share, I'll use the tag!

P.S., it's Paula from our team. Both Andy and Mello are so busy with the real world, they don't have much time to steemit at the moment. I did ask Andy to check out your community bot and see if we could use it for our #newbieresteemday community. It's just an idea right now to help support the members that volunteer their time and SBD to helping others, but we'll see if Andy have time to take a look at it for us. We're not in a rush and everyone who sticked with the community this long will continue to help in their own way. Thanks for making it available!


I think it was actually a very good thing that we had the spam attack. The more attacks a system goes through early on the better prepared it will be in the future. I prefer to make sure we've handled every possible attack vector now before Steem grows to 10X its current size or more.

Regarding the #steemphilly tag, there's really no hard and fast rules. I would think it's just for anyone who is a part of the community to use or for any posts related to steem and philly!

Also I didn't know you were local - would definitely love to have you out at an event but I understand it's difficult to get out to the city on a weeknight. We are hoping to do a larger event sometime over the summer maybe so we'll be sure to let you know!


I prefer to make sure we've handled every possible attack vector now before Steem grows to 10X its current size or more.

Very high hopes you have for the growth of Steem. Commitment, disaster preparedness plan, and built contributions are ideal values for a witness. I do hope Steem continues to grow as competition enter the field.

Yes, I am local. Just don’t advertise it. I’m in the suburbs for the school system, but you know how Philly is, everything is within a short commute.🙂

The challenge with a decentralization platform is lack of privacy. I’m a private person and only wish there was a private feature here as in FB. I know, I can’t compare the two. ;)

I will check the #steemphilly tag more often and use it if my posts aren’t so silly. I do look forward to one day there being a summer event!

Thank you for your support above but in general too. I know you don’t advertise the support you show to our community members but I do notice and appreciate it. They really are good-hearted individuals.

On another note, I know many of the people I admire on here have conflicting viewpoints on the operation of this platform. I will continue to show my support to all and perhaps one day some viewpoints will overlap just enough to embrace one another. 🙂

I read your Q & A with @protegeaa and you answered quite a few questions about witnesses. Thanks for shedding some light on their roles on the Steem blockchain. Sounds like you're working on some projects that we're all gonna be excited about. Thanks for the update.

Hello Mr. Yabapmatt

Maybe a little offtopic, but I do not know where else I could tell you:

First Thanks for all your engagement here on Steemit as developer and witness...

Second I really like steembottracker a lot - but there are two ideas I would have to make it better:

The bot list on the pagebottom should also include the reputationscore (because some of the bots seem to have been flagged) and what would be the absolute burner: a rating system for the bots (instant 1 to 5 stars e.g.) to display the customers satisfaction because from my experience some are scam :-(

Thank you very much !


These are great suggestions, thank you!


Thank you very much if you like them... I guess it would be good improvements benefitting many people ;-)

great update.Thank you for shareing this witness update.


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Hello Matt! Thanks for the witness update and glad you survived your missed block experience.

I'm writing a post for minnows on how best to navigate Steembottracker in a simplified fashion. Of course, it is very difficult to simplify if I'm not totally clear on some things. Is there a way better than the comment section to send you a list of Q and A's or an authoritative and EASY to understand post that I can reference? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and all the best.


Yes of course! Best place to get in touch with me is on the PALnet Discord. Same name as Steem!


Will do. Thanks so much.

I find your steembottracker an invaluble tool for my steem journey. Do you know of a way to find which bots are the most profitable to delegate Sp too?
I am currently delegating to smart steem and earning some steem but I am not sure if there is a better deal out there somewhere ; )
Any advice would be gratefully received!

You were the first witness I voted for here on steemit

Thanks for this update and I must say a big thank you for the wonderful tool on steem blockchain. I’m talking about the steem bot tracker. You’re awesome my friend. Kudos and more grease to your elbow, keep steeming and touching lives. You’re much appreciated

I am listening to this development. I have been following and learning about you, today is answered. I like to wear steembottracker.com. I will follow you as my witness. Thank you @yabapmatt

its good to have some battle scars. :)
so gratz on it.

@francophonie voted for your post (100.00%) courtesy of @skarnoze.
Plus d'infos

Steem bot tracker is very useful for me . Thanks dude. I am a not a tech guy so I dont really understand what is the relationship between the spam and the missed block. Anyway good luck

Hello, I would like to express my opinion, but you are less, but to work for me in other projects. This is a joy, and I want to find people who want to progress forward. I hope that the march will be full of achievements.
Heroes of steemit is the future

Me gusta, muchas gracias


Great update post
it's informative post

Nice update post

Thank you too @yabapmatt for been here and for Steembottracker. Really handy tool
To think of it, when witness are not seemingly active it kind of makes users ask questions like, what really are we doing here. Aren’t we just wandering around without updates? But it is good to hear that you’ve been up to different projects. Hope they are all well.

I guess you’ve gotten you’re own share of the scar. Now you know how best to do the next time if it happens again. It seems inevitable because even top guys get used to it.

Enjoyed hearing from you on @aggroed's show!

Great brother. that is the important thing. that some are going to other blocks but millions will come! But, I hope you keep improving each time more as witnees. a hug from venezuela accounts with my support and clear that if you are aware of everything you do. As we say here. Forwards it is for now.
I also have another doubt you as Wittness that they support? How can we be supported and what should we contribute to this? If you can answer I would appreciate a hug. I have made a lot of information thanks to your great and essential posts

Hey man! I appreciate your work with the Steembot tracker so I voted for you as a witness. I hope I typed your name correctly , lol !

I think after the crash, everyone needed a break


Hi @yabapmatt. Thank you for all the hard work you do for the Steemit community. I am more than happy to have voted for you as a witness. Keep up the great work! Ira.

Very comforting that a person like you keep publishing in steemit as it encourages us to more users who are just beginning to work on the project. Atender greeting

Thank you for the update & thank you for steembottracker which i personally find very useful since my third day at Steemit. Now, I am here for almost a month. I kind of enjoy using steembottracker a lot. Thanks again.

I saw your name on @postpromoter comments where he noted that you would soon become a witness with the help of votes from steemians here, and am happy I could support you with mine

Yes we felt your absence For many days. It was about Two Weeks. But Glad To know About your Updates. Wish you all the best for your longer term Steem Projects. Hope It will be beneficial for all Steemit Users same like your Steembottracker. We all enjoying it. Kindly keep updating us.
Best of luck.