Getting ready for HF20 with a kidney stone!

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In my last witness update, I wrote the following:

I am also now spending a portion of my witness earnings to pay someone highly qualified to help run my witness nodes with me ... This is not because I am not capable of, or do not want to run them by myself. Highly critical systems are not often run by a single person, but rather a team. Given how important it is that witness servers are kept up to date and running at all times, it only makes sense to use some of the earnings to get extra help to make sure that happens.

Today is a really good example of why that is important. I spent all night in the hospital in quite a bit of pain. Now I'm doing better but on quite a bit of medication and little sleep. These are still not good excuses for not taking care of the 24x7 responsibilities of being a top Steem witness. Even though I am not in the top 20, I am close enough where backup really means backup, and I can afford to have some help, say, in case I get a kidney stone during a hard fork...

Anyhow, I'm gonna get some rest and try to regenerate my physical resource credits. I will be available as much as possible to make sure everything goes smoothly today, but I just wanted to use this incident to highlight how important it is for top witnesses to have some help and not try to do it all by themselves.

To everyone reading, thank you for your support, and may the forks be with us today!

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That's the witness' spirit! Hope you get better soon and yes, may the forks be with you :D hahah

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That's understandable, get well, and get some rest.

Bro. Speedy recovery. Take care. Man get out of town take a vacation with the family. R & R. Tropical islands are always great this time of year. Forget stress & dealines. Be well man. Hit me up if I can be of assistant to you in any way.

Ah sorry to hear about the stones! Best wishes from @trang and I... looking forward to the next Steem meetup.

Ah can't post this right now. giving the error message:

dhimmel needs 19389168287 RC. Please wait to transact, or power up STEEM.

Trying again a day later.

All the best for you @yabapmatt :))

Take care and get well soon, a kidney stone is no joke, hurts like hell!

O man! That's not cool at all. Get well soon!

Take good care of yourself man! (and of your witness nodes ^ ^)

Those are not the worst excuses!

Oh shit, hope everything is alright with you! Kudos to you for the update!

Hope everything goes right with you 👍 best wishes

Feel better!

speedy recovery !

I remember a friend had kidney stones and it was a very painful experience. Glad you are now out of the hospital and on your way to recovery. Best wishes for a swift recovery. :)

You were probably in a hecka lot of pain, but still took the time to let us know your witness duties have not been neglected during this big HF20 migration. I appreciate knowing the witnesses I support are staying abreast of the situation, come rain or stone. Feel better Matt!

Sorry you had to deal with that, hope you are feeling better now!❤️

Hope you will feel well soon !

I can understand how it feels because I am suffering with kidney disorder since 2015. I pray to God for your fastest recovery because you are a true gentleman of the platform.

Get Well Soon Bro @yabapmatt !

hope you getting better soon.

Everything gonna be Okay. cheer up!

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I hope you feel much better, you have a lot to give to this platform.

Thanks for your hard work @yabapmatt I just voted for you as my new witness

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I am very sorry about that, your payment has been refunded.

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Hope you're feeling better.
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Best of luck!