RE: WitnessWatch Weekly Report #10: How much do witnesses make?

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WitnessWatch Weekly Report #10: How much do witnesses make?

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Great suggestion! We are hoping to do that in the future. Unfortunately, that information will need to be manually aggregated as there is really no way to pull that data.

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Yep, just go through their updates and type them into the table.

i.e. three columns:

Server Node Backup

and type in the stats you find, after all it is the responsibility of every witness to relay this information via updates.

Don't think that you shall lose too much time on this, maybe a few afternoons of scrolling through the walls of witnesses.

Likewise, I would suggest that you add the following site as a much better option for voting in witnesses:

Unlike the one you listed, this one is informative and fair, it literally shows all the servers out there, both dead and running.

Likewise the voting option is as simple as clicking on the "Thumbs up" and approving it, unlike the link that you supplied where people have to write in names of Witnesses who are not in the top 50.

Just telling it as it is.

Want to get the relevant information out, then this is it.


What is the mechanism that this site uses for voting? I think users would be concerned about using a posting or active key on an unknown site.


Steem Connect.