NEW REPORT! Witness Withdrawal Activity Weekly Report #1

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You may have seen our weekly report on witness earnings. If not, you can find our latest report here. We are proud to announce that we will be running another weekly report. This is the first, and as such, we would love to get any and all feedback on our work. Let us know which charts aren't readable, which ones you love, and what you think we're missing.

This report, like our earnings reports, has been produced using @steemsql by @arcange. Ever since @arcange changed over to a paid model, the service has worked flawlessly and has continued to be upgraded with new features. The earnings made through using the service have more than paid for the cost, and the product continues to get better and better.

Other tools used in creating the report include steem-python,,, and the coinmarketcap python library. We expect that this report will continue to get more sophisticated, and are confident that these tools can scale up.

The report is based on the premise that transfers out of the platform constitute a "withdrawal." Whether the funds are being stored in an external wallet, exchanged for other currency, being transferred to another user in a more anonymous manner than Steemit allows, or being converted to fiat currency is up for debate. We will not comment on whether any of these activities are inherently "good" or "bad" for the platform. The goal with this report is to provide another layer of transparency that Steemians can use to make informed voting decisions for witnesses. For the purposes of this report, data was pulled for a week-long period, from 12:00 AM on March 5th, 2018 to 11:59 PM on March 11th, 2018. The data included all transfers from active witnesses to @blocktrades, @poloniex, @bittrex, @changelly, or @openledger. Please let us know if we missed any major exchanges that trade or accept STEEM or SBD. The data was separated into STEEM and SBD transfers which were also converted to USD Values using current pricing from CoinMarketCap.

You may also notice that @blocktrades is not included in the list (other than as an exchange). @blocktrades, due to being an exchange continuously makes a number of very large transfers, which tend to skew the data for normal witnesses. So, for the time being, they have been excluded from the report.

At the time of analysis the price of each currency was as follows:
SBD: $2.60
STEEM: $2.42

The Good Stuff: Our Findings

Without further ado, the results of our first report.

Cluster Chart

The below cluster chart shows the relative amount of withdrawals for each witness. The red bubbles on the left are STEEM withdrawals, while the blue on the right are SBD withdrawals.

outbound clusters.png

As you can see @pharesim, @enki, and @imacryptorick have withdrawn the largest amount this week.

Here's another perspective:


The Biggest Transfers

Here is a chart showing the largest 3 outbound transfers for the week. These are the only witnesses that transferred out more than 8,000 STEEM and/or SBD for this week.

Plot 188 (4).png

The Rest of the Pack

All other witnesses came in well below 8,000. As you can see here, of the witnesses in this chart, @prc, @anyx, @timcliff, @themarkymark, and @precise have also made significant withdrawals of STEEM and/or SBD.

Plot 188 (3).png

Pie for Everyone!

These piecharts break down the USD Value of each witnesses' withdrawals.

More Than $1000

These witnesses withdrew the USD equivalent of over $1000 in STEEM and/or SBD.



Here are the witnesses that transferred out between $100 and $1000 USD Value in STEEM and/or SBD.


Pocket Change: Less Than $100

These witnesses bring up the bottom of the transfer list, with each pulling out less than $100.


The Raw Data

As always, here is the table that was used to generate the above charts. Each witness' ranking can be found, as well as the exchange of choice for their withdrawals.

from to amount_symbol amount ranking USD Value
@roelandp bittrex SBD 322.58 3 839.4854178
@timcliff blocktrades STEEM 1450 5 3502.939
@ausbitbank bittrex STEEM 500 7 1207.91
@pharesim bittrex STEEM 33900 14 81896.298
@netuoso bittrex SBD 73.64 16 191.6414724
@netuoso bittrex STEEM 812.32 16 1962.418902
@anyx bittrex STEEM 1887.8 17 4560.584996
@liondani bittrex SBD 92 25 239.42172
@teamsteem bittrex STEEM 1002.27 31 2421.303911
@teamsteem bittrex SBD 374.88 31 975.5914608
@klye blocktrades STEEM 1250.75 32 3021.586865
@klye blocktrades SBD 61.95 32 161.2192995
@prc blocktrades STEEM 2379.58 42 5748.636956
@prc blocktrades SBD 357.03 42 929.1384423
@joseph bittrex SBD 268.85 43 699.6579285
@joseph bittrex STEEM 830.72 43 2006.86999
@patrice bittrex SBD 231.49 45 602.4318909
@themarkymark bittrex STEEM 1127.11 53 2722.89488
@arcange bittrex SBD 117.01 61 304.5079941
@firepower bittrex SBD 280.16 67 729.0911856
@bacchist bittrex STEEM 25.33 70 61.1927206
@bacchist bittrex SBD 3.96 70 10.3055436
@jatinhota bittrex SBD 27.01 88 70.2910941
@demotruk bittrex STEEM 7.06 94 17.0556892
@demotruk bittrex SBD 5.04 94 13.1161464
@justyy bittrex SBD 240.67 103 626.3220147
@mahdiyari blocktrades SBD 100 104 260.241
@skenan bittrex SBD 6.95 105 18.0867495
@imacryptorick bittrex SBD 674 108 1754.02434
@imacryptorick bittrex STEEM 12450 108 30076.959
@steemitboard bittrex SBD 11.94 110 31.0727754
@jrswab blocktrades STEEM 19 111 45.90058
@fubar-bdhr bittrex SBD 28 118 72.86748
@davinci.witness blocktrades SBD 5.85 127 15.2240985
@pcste blocktrades STEEM 57.1 132 137.943322
@pcste blocktrades SBD 11.7 132 30.448197
@enki bittrex STEEM 22000 134 53148.04
@enki bittrex SBD 9000 134 23421.69
@wehmoen blocktrades STEEM 656 141 1584.77792
@zappl blocktrades STEEM 290.18 151 701.0226476
@precise bittrex SBD 1200 160 3122.892
@kennybll blocktrades SBD 3.75 161 9.7590375
@bitcoinparadise bittrex SBD 4 173 10.40964
@berniesanders bittrex STEEM 147.91 183 357.3239362
@grzegorz2047 blocktrades SBD 24.64 186 64.1233824
@beerbot bittrex SBD 37 210 96.28917
@hernandev blocktrades STEEM 2.22 222 5.3631204
@hernandev blocktrades SBD 80.18 222 208.6612338
@puncakbukit bittrex SBD 42.14 229 109.6655574
@doctorvee blocktrades SBD 31.81 232 82.7826621
@doctorvee blocktrades STEEM 74.57 232 180.1476974
@kennyskitchen blocktrades STEEM 80.84 241 195.2948888
@xsorbik blocktrades SBD 0.61 244 1.5874701
@tuck-fheman blocktrades SBD 56 256 145.73496
@tuck-fheman blocktrades STEEM 134 256 323.71988
@brad-saunders blocktrades STEEM 15.43 297 37.2761026
@laurent blocktrades SBD 12 301 31.22892
@cheetah bittrex SBD 512.24 329 1333.058498
@lonelywolf blocktrades STEEM 0.02 364 0.0483164
@lonelywolf blocktrades SBD 11.53 364 30.0057873
@botdot bittrex STEEM 56.58 436 136.6870956
@stesting1 blocktrades STEEM 104.96 517 253.5644672


As always, the data presented above is meant to allow Steemians to make more informed decisions on the witness votes that they cast. Stay tuned for more data soon!

Let us know what data you would like to see! Vote responsibly!

If you enjoy our work, please follow, upvote and resteem!

You can cast your vote for Steem witnesses at:

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