windforce for witness

Dear Steemians
As stated in my profile, after discovering Steemit i decided to support it as much as i can, which i try to do at full speed.

With the help of the wonderful Steemit community, I therefore implemented in just a few hours a dedicated server with dual Xeon, 16GB of RAM and 200GB SSD disk as seed (found at .

I also built a witness with similar specs, and intend to add an additional backup witness when time permits.

As an IT manager with over 25 years of experience, i know what dedication is needed to maintain a server running 24/7, and watching the steemit community flourish and maximize it's full potential is a great incentive.

Please vote for me as a witness, i will do my best to keep the servers at peak performance and upgrade as needed, and also will write updates about my witness.
Please go to the page, roll down to the bottom of the list, type windforce in the box and click Vote.


Welcome to the witness family.

Thank you for your help ( as well as someguy123 and gtg ) in the chat channel.
BTW how do i get the seeds list updated with my server? Checked latency and it's working at a very good latency ( 10 ms )

,"הצבעתי כבר לשני "עדים
?יש מגבלה לכמות האנשים שאפשר להצביע

אתה יכול עד שלושים עדים

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Hello. You have a seed node windforce listed in the steem GitHub repository seed nodes list under your name. It is currently showing as "Offline" on Are you planning to bring this node back online, or should we remove it from the list of seed nodes?