Witness update - Changing version number to 22.1

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Yesterday I announced that I re-enabled my witness node with 22.4444.

It has been brought to my attention that there are some users in the Chinese community that find it offensive that we are doing this. It has nothing to do with whether they support or don't support Tron. It is just that the witnesses using the number 4 in this way is offensive in their culture.

I don't really know much about the culture, but it was not my intention to offend. Based on this, I am changing my version number back to 22.1. It is the same code as 22.4444, and it has the same effect. I am still 100% in protest of the Tron takeover.

I know a lot of people are confused by all the different version numbers floating around. If you want a good guide, check out this post and the information in the comments:

Suggestion to other witnesses

I know it is not the intention of the Steem witnesses to offend the members of the Chinese community. Our issue is with Tron. I therefore encourage you all to make the same update at your earliest convenience.

Get out the vote!

As I mentioned yesterday, it is more important than ever that everyone in the community get out and vote for community witnesses. We need every witness vote we can get to take back the chain from Tron!

If you have an extra witness vote, I would appreciate a vote for @timcliff :)

Also, if you are not sure who to vote for - you can set @timcliff as your proxy, as I will only be voting for witnesses who are members of the Steem community (not Tron).


Good call. Even if you believe the CCP is pulling the strings, the CCP isn't the Chinese people.

I forgot about this . If memory serves me correctly 4 sounds like die in the Chinese language and is considered an unlikely number. Having four fours in a row is considered extremely unlucky.
Whilst this may not be the only issue it definitely would not help .
Anything we can do to help our community out should be looked at, so that we can work together and help each other.
Thanks for speaking about this.
Have an awesome day!

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It would be nice if all the witnesses did this. We are confusing users by not being united by the same version number. There is no reason to alienate our own community.

Please call us Huaren(華人), which include Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, and other associated immigrants. We Taiwanese speak Mandarin, don't necessarily mean we are Chinese. Thank you.

Appreciate the info :)

Thank you again for understanding☺

Isn't version 22.2 the one that is identical to 22.4444 and not 22.1

No, 22.2 has the soft fork code. 22.4444 does not.

Thanks for clarifying!

I agree and have updated my witness.

If you have an extra witness vote, I would appreciate a vote for @timcliff :)

I had. Today (on 2020.02.05) I voted for your witness after I removed my witness vote from @blockbrothers, because in this comment they stated that they are supporting the idea of the removal of downvotes, and they are basically licking Justin Sun's ass.

You are clearly against this hostile takeover.

You're perhaps the only one who isn't lost in this madness and ego. That's why i still vote you.

However, I do see you struggling to choose your words so you don't offend your powerful witness friends. You're a good man, Tim. You don't need their validation.
Keep up the good work.

  • I don't support the softfork to freeze STINC's stake
  • I don't support Justin's attack on the witness positions
  • I think we could go back to the negotiation table, and hope our witnesses stop being the utmost pricks at negotiating.

Appreciate the support

444 - WTF? - GET HARD!


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I am still 100% in protest of the witnesses unprovoked attack on Justin Sun's stake.

it was not unprovoked
it was not an attack
it was not justin suns stake.
it was steemits stake, and there is no way anyone should be able to buy 70 million coins and not raise the price of coins.

he was testing voting in super representatives on tron when we froze his accounts. he refused to communicate with the community and make his intentions known. he was hostile from square one to now, but this 'unprovoked' nonsense argument continues to be parroted. give it a rest, we are so far past that already.

if you slap a guy in the face and then he pulls out a knife and stabs you... we're way past the point of blaming the slap. this escalation is unprecedented.

it was steemits stake, and there is no way anyone should be able to buy 70 million coins and not raise the price of coins.

Unless you bought a company that owned the stake, like steemit. Which, essentially is what happened.

You must know that a lot of the really large purchases happen like that right?

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