@theprophet0 Witness Update: I'm Back, I'm Alive, and I'm Here to Stay! [100% OF THE LIQUID REWARDS EARNED FROM THIS BLOG WILL BE DONATED TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN]

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Yes, you have read that title right, your YOUNGEST witness is alive and running again. I am very sorry that I have been gone for a while, and no, I am not coming back because the price has pumped, if that were the case, I wouldn't of been blogging and curating and being active in the STEEM community when it was worth pennies. So please throw that nonsense thought in the garbage!

Unfortunately, I had to power down my account at 10,000 STEEM when it was still trading very low because I needed to help my aunt get out of a hectic situation that could've costed her, her life. I was also very busy and caught up with school so I was not able to post on Steemit and give any Witness Updates like I used too, so I discontinued my witness about a month ago. Here's the good news, I am on summer break and I will be active every day from now on!

I really do appreciate the support I have from the Steemians through these rough times and I appreciate the people who understand what happened. I am glad that my witness did not drop much while I was away, I am currently sitting in 61st place with 6.19 PV. Like many of you know already, Steemit is my job, I am not eligible to work in the real world as I am only 15 and Steemit is my only source of income. Unfortunately, my former Steemit job, SteemSports no longer exists as the website is down. Fortunately, I have brought a fun, user-engaging game back to Steemit, I do one blog a day and the game is called MLB Showdown! Please check it out sometime, it's very fun, simple, and an easy way to win STEEM!

Any support I can get for MLB Showdown and my witness would be great! Obviously, I will be an active witness so if you have any open votes or feel like I should be in the top 50, please vote for me. I do a lot within the Steemit community as well, and as many of you know, in all of my previous witness updates, I have donated all the liquid rewards to charities I believe in. Lastly, I have stopped my power down and I do not plan to power down again, and I mean never!

STEEM/Steemit Dedication

Over eight month ago, my dad @theprophet, got the Steem logo tattooed on his skin and it will be there until he dies! If that doesn't show my dad and I's dedication to this platform, I do not know what will.


@steemdrive a global marketing initiative for marketing the Steemit platform on spectacular size outdoor media, showing the world the power of the Steemit blockchain community and how "big ticket" items such as billboards are more than possible to crowdfund and thereby providing tangible credibility of Steemit post reward payouts.

On @steemdrive, I was honored to serve the role as a liaison and with help from Ricardo, @thecryptodrive, we were able to put up the first Steemit billboard in the USA, specifically, Chicago!

The Garden of Eden

We are the Garden of Eden, a sustainable eco-community in Texas. We fed 40,000 free meals last year and saved 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, and we achieve a negative carbon footprint. We are dedicated to building a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world for ALL! It is our greatest dream to see all of humanity living peacefully, joyfully, abundantly, and responsibly!
Yet this reality shall exist only when we as individuals, en masse, are ready and willing to take full responsibility for aligning with it at the depths of our beings--that means truly loving ourselves, truly loving our planet, and truly loving one another. ​From that place of true love, all decisions made will be made for the benefit of all.
We are revolutionaries in every facet of life. We offer truly ethical merchantry, sustainable housing, and honorable food production solutions to one and all! We exist to showcase how easy, abundant, joyful and sustainable life can be!

Please visit their website and look into buying some of their wonderful products!

The Garden of Eden has agreed in gratitude to show how they utilize my donation towards the highest good of all in a Steemit blog!

How to Vote For theprophet0 Witness

Step 1 - Click Here

Step 2 - Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and type in my Steemit username - theprophet0.

Step 3 - You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please vote for theprophet0 witness! When you vote for me, you are voting for the Steemit community!


I love this post and you seem like such a cool, level headed guy! You have my vote!

You posting is interesting me

He lives!!!

Glad to see that you are still at it @theprophet0!

Me too man, glad to be back! :)

Hey man - I am glad you are back buddy. You have been a good friend and I shall never forget that.

Likewise Barry, Likewise, my friend!

One of the legends return! Very happy to have you back on @theprophet0 =)

Thanks ego! Nice to hear from you :)

WOW...you did Tattoo :)) Cool

Good to see your back in the game and who cares what the haters say. thumbs up Keep on steeming and good luck to the future. If you are on discord I've love to nab an interview with you. I Co Host the VOTU podcast and we would love to get it out there that you are back! Let us know, check my profile for our work.

Wohoo! That sounds fantastic, I'll message you later on Discord!

Glad to hear your Aunt is doing better. May God bless you for all the good you do for His children.

"Knowing that whatever good thing any man does, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free." (Ephesians 6:8)

Voted for you.

Great to see you returning as a witness, @theprophet0! Your motivation and dedication is really inspirational. We're so grateful for your continued support of our ecovillage - it's incredible to know a young person such as yourself is willing and able to embody values and set an example for changing the world!

Thank you so much @gardenofeden! I love everything you guys do and I feel it's only right to donate to you! :)

Hopefully you will come visit one day~*~

That would be awesome! I'd love too!

Welcome back! Love that STEEM is going to @gardenofeden I will be going there sometime later this year.

Sweet man! You should do a blog on it! :)

nice.....resteem and upvote for your post....

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! You're back @theprophet0! You are such an inspiration to this community. I am astounded by all that you are involved in and are aware of, that which you upgrade and the service you provide to so many. We, at the @gardenofeden, appreciate all you have done for our community and the support you give to those bettering the world. I have no doubt that you will be expanding people's minds and showing them the way. It's amazing how you step up to the plate and bring on the goodness. Thank you for being you. So glad you're back with us.

Heyyyyy @everlove! Thank you so much! I appreciate your services! :) We'll talk soon! :)

Appreciation runs deep between us @theprophet0. Soon it shall be!

No te conozco, bienvenido nuevamente, me encanta tu labor, eso te dará la recompensa de ser un ser humano de principios , valores y de muy buena voluntad

Good to see you are doing well!

Welcome back!!!

You're welcome :) Steem On! :D

Very rich post, and nice to meet such a young member and witness. Exploring your mentions. I'm hoping for a better connection, but it's encouraging to be a witness with this comunity so suportive, i'll also consider it since i have supported other cryptos before.

Hey man! Thanks! Good luck!

steem steem and steem!!!! wow!!!

I'm glad you will be back full time. You're a good dude helping your aunt like you did. I just voted you for Witness. I have been playing on your MLB Showdown. Did anybody win last night? I haven't checked yet.

I am new here, so don't know much about you. But I am surely impressed by your dedication towards Steem. Upvoted you for a witness. Cheers to Steemit!!!

Thank you! Good luck on Steemit.com!

Glad to see you have pulled through tough times and were able to come back to the community that you call home. May your summer be filled with wonderful SteemIt moments worthy of publication.

Thank you @iceburst, I am more than happy to be back!

You still have my vote. I didn't need it for someone else, so I kept you on it. Good luck and welcome back!

Thank you Luke, that really means a lot to me.

Keep on steeming and good luck for the future!!
Upvoted and follow :)

Good do see you back!

Thanks Brian!

Welcome back!

What happened with SteemSports?

Development stopped, furion parted ways with SteemSports.

Thanks for answer.

I sort of miss it myself.

Welcome back little homie! Just got back around here myself.

Thanks man. It just feels right, ya know?

I am new here, so I didn't miss you yet.

Now you are here?


Lovely post.

your YOUNGEST witness is alive

You got me curious to ask your age... and your dad's tattoo is lovely!

Haha, thank you - I am 15 and thanks for the compliment! :)


I wish you nothing but more success bro! :)

Keep steeming! :D

Followed ya!

What we give back to the society outlives us. Life is not all about what we eat, drink or drive but more about the smiles we put on the face of others, majorly, those who are down and out. You have my vote theprophet0

Good day and good publication my friend @theprophet0

i think i did that right, i voted for you.

Glad your back.. ill be looking through your info to help my skills in the steem community.. thanks for the content! @theprophet0

I'm happy to be here

I just started with steemit. "The Garden of Eden" is definitely a worthwhile cause. You got my vote! GOOD LUCK!!!

@theprophet0 you are a great person i came to know about steemit because of you and i voted you as my steem witness.

I voted you too

Love that you and your dad are colleagues in this. And Garden of Eden is beautiful.

This is highly interesting

you got my vote :)

You have my Witness vote @theprophet0 due to your youth and your altruism. Bright future ahead!

Voted you. All the best!

you got my vote baby doll

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