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Thriving Through a Symbiotic Equilibrium

A Security Reminder to the Community


After receiving concerning reports from members of the community, we would like to share a few small ideas in the hope that more people will become aware of how they can keep their accounts safe.

1. Firstly, we advise deauthorizing/revoking apps that are no longer operating in the interest of the Steem community, because all authorized keys can at any given moment be used without the consent of users by rogue authorized apps. To deauthorize an app, users can just use the following link (e.g: steempeak):

2. Secondly, we also advise people to occasionally change their keys for all their important accounts. Users need to remember that there is no guarantee that a hacker is not playing the dorment, waiting for the right moment to make his move. Thus, users must always make sure to occasionally change their keys.

3. Thirdly, now that the power-down time is 30 days only. It is more important than ever before for users to ensure that their recovery accounts are still active and responsive. However, It is favorable in this situation for users to also own their own recovery accounts in order to quickly recover compromised accounts.

P.S: This article is just a notice to the community. We will be releasing another more in-depth and detailed article this month to cover all aspects of account security and a few good practices that people should follow get used to.

Thank you for reading,

Steem on,


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Recently @steem-supporter reanimated the SteemAuto tool for upvoting, but when authorizing, the old name is being used. Could this allow the former creator of the tool to have access to our keys?


hello @famigliacurione please see above , we are owner of

Thank you! So if I understand correctly, the old owner has nothing to do with this account, even if the name is the same. This is a new account run by you. Excellent! I'm enjoying using the auto-voter!

the old owner is a sucker :P

Succinct summary of security issues. Thank you.

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