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RE: @ura-soul Witness Application

excellent application. I will vote for you, or get my proxy to vote for me. You sound interested in the future and growth of this platform, community and open-minded, and humble to ask the community. Thanks @ura-soul count my vote in!!


Excellent, thankyou for your support! Steemit has been a bit broken recently as I imagine you know - so some votes are not being logged. So far I am not seeing yours logged, so if you did vote already it would be great if you would double check it. Thanks again!

no problem my friend!! I hope that you will consider curating some of my posts, if you like them when you become a witness. I have already passed the info on to my proxy to vote for you so it should have happened.
Cheers! :)

good morning/evening,
Did you get my vote yet. I hope so. I contacted my proxy 3 times to make sure he voted for you in my stead. You are gonna make a great witness. Remember" Don't you forget about me" :)
Check out my blog every now and zen.
anywho, let me know if it is all good with my vote when you can.

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