Witness application post: steve-walschot, creator of SteemPay

Hi i'm steve, a dedicated developer having 20 years of experience in all kinds of languages.

More info can be found on my blog or take the time reading my introduction post.

To fund the Steempay.io project i've decided to setup a dedicated witness and seed node.

All revenue generated will flow back to Steem, since i plan on further expanding Steempay and supporting development projects.

My witness is running on a full dedicated server with a 99.99% uptime, ready to upscale when needed.
My seednode is running at, on a seperate dedicated server.

Please follow these instructions to vote me as an active witness:

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Enter 'steve-walschot'

Click 'vote'

Please note that upvoting this post is not a vote as witness!

Thank you!!!

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Voted for you.

You seem like a swell enough guy, sure :)

I just voted for you as a witness too as a token of appreciation of all the hard work you've put into steemit!

I will refine my votes very soon and I will make sure to include you (Now all 30 slot are full without even voting for my self!)

Happy to give you my vote. I've enjoyed your posts, but I also think the SteemPay concept is a great idea.

Still learning about Witnesses, but i am starting to understand their role in the system. Thanks for the easy to follow process above.

You've got my vote @steve-walschot ;)

What about IPv6 connectivity?

Ok, im upvote your witness.


vote for you. steempay look awesome, i can buy something using my steem on online store soon.

Done sir

Perhaps someone can answer my noob questions while i go give this awesome dude my witness vote. :)

  1. Are there any rewards/pay-outs involved in voting for witnesses?
  2. Do you use SP/Voting Power to vote for witnesses?

Thank you for your time.