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RE: STEEMING Update- Past Absence - Future Presence - WITNESS Steemingcurators

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Hi @steemingcurators and @ciska, it is nice to see that you decided to go for witness I am going to vote for you and will ask @xpilar and some other friends if they have still space for witness to give your group support. Your project is the best highlight of Steemit and amazing that the whole idea of creating @steemingcurators it was coming from simple users, like yourself @ciska and @cryptokannon.I wish you all success!


@stef1 thank you for your kind words and your continuous support to us 🤗😊

Thank you for your kind words and support to us and the entire Steem community. Your work is highly appreciated and we are super happy that you are on our side! Thanks for sticking around and putting so much effort into your art contests to keep the people active and engaged. I personally looked up to your curation work in general, and you are an example for the rest of the curators. Thank you!

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