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I have setup a seed node at Linode in the UK 4GB RAM, 4 CPU cores (can scale up as needed), the VM is dedicated for steemd node

witness servers (1 primary and hot backup) are located somewhere else.

I am new to BitShares type of coin and learning about it (and witnessing) because of mining STEEM

i saw the coin launch in bitcointalk and it looked very interesting, so i tried to mine

in digital/crypto currency i am mainly interested in helpful POW (folding@home related crypto currencies CURE and FLDC)

i created Dockerfile for compiling and running steemd for mining, and bash script for price feeds, nagios script for seed-node, failover script for witness pubkey

(my witness steempty missed 38 blocks during POW, and high participation since DPOS)

my job for several years was a Linux sysadmin, so i am capable of monitoring and maintaining good uptimes, worked for a few successful startup companies.

I am located in Israel

if you like my witnessing so far, i need your vote

in cli wallet vote_for_witness youraccount steempty true true
or at

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