new witness server up, new seed node

in witness-category •  11 months ago

a new witness server is up.
a new seed node is up at address #(

edit Witness server getting latency problem. checking...
edit2 Witness server up again.

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cuddle attack 2 gif

Finalllly!!!! :)


What he said. :)


What they said :)

Great to hear @steempty! I am thinking about becoming a witness.. I have access to the hardware if I need it and the technical skills to run it, I just have absolutely no time to get it up and running yet! I will do in the coming weeks.

I am currently running a project called the Steemit Success Initiative, which is a project that aims to grow and develop Steemit as a platform, while also helping its users develop and grow as much as they can.
You can read more about it on my page or we can talk more over Steemit Chat/Discord, but essentially I am looking for support from the community to grow the project. Our two month goals is to get 30K SP delegate to us, and I am currently working on making this a reality.

I have also been in contact with Ned, and he is open to talking more about my plans to grow Steemit. Once I get the support, I am going to put together a serious campaign and bring it to the Steemit core team! Let me know if you are interested in helping in any way.

Awesome! Just let me know when it's back up.


right now its up. :)
we will see how it goes


All right glad to see you back! I just re-approved you!


What will we do with our existing witnesses? I've voted you as my witness.

Good news!

Thanks! It's really great seeing you back in action, posting and having the server back up! בהצלחה - המשימה עכשיו היא להכניס אותך לטופ 20!

Noted... thanks for posting

I followed and voted you @steempty as my witness... Thank you for the update and hoping for the valued support for all steemians! God bless us all.

How to be like you? someday i'm gonna be a whale too

Finally! Thanx for sharing!
I'm considering setting up a Witness server.


I like your post
I am willing. hahah

Voted you as a witness months back :p

Hi im @lorner is this a good news Wow great.

I didn't understand :(

I resteem this post of yours coz i want to see this this result of yours great job to my friend steemians too here in Iligan coz they vote you also for witness. This are there names @hazelwink, @charvy, @lukepeterjames, @jejes, @tyronelayo, @maya2018, @excel2018, @markuzu,@juvy-juzmen18

great :)

waw will be very good friend, all will wait for you friend there to be a witness @steemty

Good work :)

good information friend

Voted! Go Steemptyyyyy 😎

finally a good news...

Welcome back @steempty! We already miss you in our blogs 😀 Hoping to see your generous upvotes again 😍

Good information. thanks for sharing

Voted, thanks for the support lately 😊 I wish u good luck

Good post freinds

Good information is successful for everything

Very good news. I like your post

Upvotes and RESTEEM.thanks

Thanks for your post , i love it great post

For what to edit that server that I do not understand?

thanks to you, you are really the greatest person, happy to see your post.

good day, pay attention to my account, I pay a fee for your votes from 50 to 70 % of the program sbdgiveaway, I will be glad to meet and communicate further)))

thanks for sharing!

הצבעתי לך מזמן רק כדי לקלוט שהשרת לא היה פעיל. עכשיו הצבעתי לך שוב.
אשמח אם תוכל להצביע לוויטנס שלי גם, אם יש לך הצבעות פנויות כמובן.


witness approved.
vote_for_witness steempty windforce true true


Greatly appreciated! Good to see you back, was very proud to see you on the top witnesses list when i got to know steemit