Steemexchanger Waxes Strong As It Continues To Gain The Trust of Users And The Community

Our Steadfast Growth

Every update and feature added in the website is a step towards getting better and providing efficient, effective and reliable service for its users.
Just like every other exchange it has steadily increased its number of users based on the trust and testimonies of previous users.

Few testimonies about our services

We are glad that users and other great personalities acknowledge the effort we put in to ensure that challenges are solved. Just some of heir testimonies.

Screenshot (125).png

Screenshot (126).png

Screenshot (127).png

Screenshot (128).png

Why we choose to use Blocktrades

Our paths with blocktrades as a route to an end has been reliable because they provide quality service. Our developers front end and back end work tirelessly to ensure that we provide a world class service that will be incorporated into the steem blockchain like that of blocktrades. We see blocktrades as a standard to measure up to so as to ensure that africans fully accepts the blockchain technology.

Our exposure so far and enlistment

Steemexchanger have been seen as a necessity to ensure that Africans invest in the steem blockchain. Our relevance in the exchange sphere has been recognizied by various persons. Before the power up feature which enables investors to buy their way into owning a share in the steem blockchain, we were listed for other exchange activities which has brought in so many users to the steemit platform.
You can comfirm using the link HERE

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I used it 3 days ago and was amazed at the speed i got credit alert from my bank. Job well done. keep it up

I'm very happy to see this excellent project progressing so well.

I wish we could have the same in the UK !