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This post is to cordially request community support for my witness: steemed

I am running the following witness node

  • Witness Name: steemed
  • Witness Node IP: Confidential
  • Seed Node IP & Port:
  • Seed Node Domain: (port 2001)
  • Witness URL Identity:

About the Node

This witness node is hosted in Las Vegas by ProfitBricks. If necessary to geographically balance witnesses, it can be relocated to Germany. ProfitBricks is known for spectacular latency and uptime (99.95% guaranteed), far exceeding the 99.9% uptime required for STEEM. These servers are scalable to 62 CPU cores and 240 GB of RAM in real-time.

Security is very important to me. This node has full firewall blocking for all inbound connections except SSH ports are opened to a handful of specified IP addresses.

About Me

I am one of the top VESTS holders, having several different accounts. Because of my holdings, I have a demonstrated incentive to serve their value of Steem. I was one of the first to build the wallet from source, mining in the early hours of the first launch. I mined the second launch since the beginning as well.

I have been designing and managing computing resources for over 15 years, both as part of my salaried postion and as a consultant. I have vast experience in not only systems administration, but also in programming for scientific computing. I have authored tools in many languages, including python and Java, but have focused on C++ while working on cryptocurrencies. I have an intimate understanding of bitcoin's code base and look forward to learning about the graphene codebase that powers STEEM.
In short, I have the skills and experience to manage a highly dependable witness node.

To vote for my witness

vote_for_witness ${youraccount} steemed true true

Where ${youraccount} is the name of your account.

Thank you in advance for your vote and support!

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