Introducing Steem.Agency with Dead Following/Follower Management Tools, The When Lambo Calculator (SBD/STEEM->USD Converter) & More!

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Hey Again Steemitizens!

Introducing Steem.Agency: Communities & Tools for STEEM Users

Steem Witness "Team SirCork" consists of @SirCork & @RhondaK.

Today, @RhondaK and I are excited to announce https://Steem.Agency where we are introducing some cool new tools for steem users, as well as links to more information about each of our individual and witness team projects.

[EDIT] - This appeared in the @SteemStarNetwork discord, within minutes of the announcement going public haha!

Ha! Thanks @gktown! Great endorsement!

Some of you may recognize the underpinnings of the dead follower system as similar to the service provided by now mostly dormant steem user @mynameisbrian.

Recently, I contacted Brian, to ask if he planned to resurrect this long dead and since deprecated project which no longer was working correctly. He had no plans to do so, so he and I arranged for me to prolong it's lifespan by repairing and updating it with some much needed features.

There is still even more in the works even now (like bulk multi-selection unfollowing and more) but it's ready for rudimentary use and already super informative about your actual reach and useful to quickly prune "wasted follows".

Also, because I'm always doing this conversion, I built the "Lambo Calculator" which will give you the current spot exchange USD value for any amount of either STEEM of Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) using prices in real time from "" which in turn aggregates real time data from multiple exchanges for average pricing for basic estimates at any given time.

Remember though, kids, don't rely on these numbers for anything you might wanna sue me over, but for a quick casual not-something-you-can-sue-sircork-for check on how much money you've got in your steem or sbd wallet, it's not entirely horrible data to use.

Yep, so in addition to handy links to our blog accounts, a way to vote for us with one click, copious information about our communities, projects and charities and other stuff like that, you can always just play with the first toys, of many to come:

Come find out:

  • Are you wasting your "follows" on inactive users?
  • How many people are you really reaching?
  • How much USD money is your steem or sbd worth? Is it Lambo time yet?

Consider all of this to be just the "first draft".

There is much more to come, in the weeks ahead. I finally got the urge to do some programming, somewhat inspired by the nudge of @RoelandP, both in part because of his recent inspiring release of and because he later that day, quizzed me by DM about my coding skills, something that has been part of my life, hobby, career and existence since I first learned BASIC on my TRS-80 coco in 1982 or so.

As for the witness business.

Our 128gb server hums along. Like many others we missed one block this week, during the block packet storm outage midweek. I got a notification on the first block missed, shelled in, reset things and we were fine within 3 minutes. I actually beat the killswitch to the job. So that felt very haxxorish and stuff.

Otherwise witnessing is witnessy. Everyday we be validatin' your blocks like clocks.

I am upgraded to 19.3, and ready for 19.4. We expect our ram and cpu resources to be far over adequate and nearly overkill for many months to come. Merrily we hum along, machine-wise.

Out and About

I attended the Steem Witness Panel in the Steemit Ramble discord, hosted by @ShadowsPub, attended by almost 20 witnesses throughout the day and broadcast live on @SteemStarNetwork. It was awesome. About 100 people attended in various stages throughout the lengthy discussion. Lively debate, and civil discourse ruled the day. Good stuff, everyone!

I am going to Nashville, TN, one of my "home towns", where my 25 year old daughter and much of my extended family like cousins, aunts and uncles, happen to live in May, during which I will be attending what appears to be a growing meetup originally planned as just a small #TheAlliance friends gathering, now taking on steem like crazy.

During that, I will be filming an episode of Hots or Shots, with @jonny-clearwater and I am much excite about that.

Charity wise

@YouAreHOPE Foundation has been doing a TON lately, as well as having some very generous donors. Thanks to all involved in making ALL we do happen, with the power of steem exclusive, block chain transparent, worldwide humanitarian aid, delivered via steemian Agents of HOPE serving as boots on the ground, in country across economically disadvantaged regions, fueled by community love and generosity.

@TARC had been fighting for animal rights in Tazewell with the on-going story of the local dog murdering animal abuser who was reported in the community where her large scale rescue operation is located. TARC also continues to be grateful for your ongoing community support as well, and the pups, pigs, racoons, goats and cats and birds and... all the critters at the rescue, all send loud, friendly, grateful noise in your direction at the same time. Enjoy that. That's what it's like at TARC every day!

On the broadcast front

@SteemStarNetwork continues to forge new ground with our latest serialized sci-fi show called Space Carries Adventures In Space - which is coming up on a critically acclaimed episode three already by @carrieallen on her show Mission Control Mondays, as well as new dramatic and comedy segments on Friday nights with SteemStar After Dark which premiered this week.

Our other on-going shows remain popular as well, such as, Pimp Your Post Thursday with @ShadowsPub, which is famous now, Mission Control Monday's with @CarrieAllen which just got Curie'd for her first episode of her all original and incredibly awesome and hilarious sci-fi radio drama comedy adventure Space Carrie's Adventures In Space...

...and of course great shows of all types from the likes show hosts such as:
@crazybgadventure, @rhondak, @carrieallen, @chrisroberts, @nnnarvaez (in Spanish!), @ethandsmith, @patrice, @damianjayclay, @richardcrill, @seablue, @jonny-clearwater, @littlescribe -- and me, as usual, always in the mix, keeping the station engineering under control, and doing shows here and there along the way like Steemitizens of Steem where anyone can take the mic and drop it, or the YouAreHOPE Transparent Town Hall meetings with the community right before @Patrice comes on with Trash Talk - The show about the SteemCleaners project.

I guess that's about it for now!

See you in the steem!
Creator https://Steem.Agency
Founder @YouAreHOPE
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Partner in Steem Witness Team #66 in full partnership with @RhondaK

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Quite a monster of an update, I like your new tools very handy and no doubt they will be getting plenty of use.

Good to know the upgraded Witness server is flying for you, and will be on top of it’s game for a few years yet.

Loving all the new shows on SteemStar, and I have just realised this is sort of a Captains log!



It IS a captain's log :D

but so is this...

I have missed out on a lot. Thaks for the update.
You sound like you have a lot of excitement ahead.
The new partnership with @rhondak still bears your name?


It does because you cannot change the name of an existing witness and I was already up in the 60s so starting over when we joined forces didn't seem like such a grand idea.

Wow! Sircork witness team?
Sounds great!
The project too is a good initiative.
Lemme go prune some redundant shell.
Way to go man.
I see you in top 50 witness pretty soon and you know we will be right there to support you always!

Any way you can change the parameters so that votes also count as activities?


What u mean? What do?


for instance, the @a11y account is listed as a dormant user but it votes every day. So it is still relevant in terms of attention to your posts.


Flip the switch at the top of the results page, you can chose votes or posts and multiple logical time periods...


Sweet! I missed that.


Quick feedback @sircork and @rhondak:

The "Following the Dead" and "Dead Followers" links in the middle of the page do not work. The ones on the top do.

It would be funny if you go the extra mile to see who "unfollowed me".


Extra mile considered. Thanks for that QA - I'm not paying you for that. :P I'll fix it right now. :D


Fixed, within seconds of seeing your message :D thanks again!

Excelente propuesta. Me encanta la idea, Éxitos.

This looks a handy tool thanks and off to check it out

Finally something I was waiting for!!!!

This is actually mega handy and a useful upgrade on the old site . Thanks!

all original and incredibly awesome and hilarious sci-fi radio drama comedy adventure

I love those adjectives. 😎

Also, you're pretty.... I mean pretty awesome. 😍 And a little pretty too!

I built the "Lambo Calculator"

Ahahahaaha! Air. I can't breathe.


Should rename it to "When Lambo?"


Good suggest. Might do.


I almost took the time to pull the current price of a stock base lambo and do the math.

Your 2 SBD is 0.0000000000000001% of the price of a Lambo.


I still might, just to put it next to Ferrari's and Tesla's to argue for the Tesla. ;)


That totally needs to be a thing.


I'll totally do the thing then, real soon, and have it in the app by middle of the week. I've been wrapping this place up off and on all day since I got up about 12 or 15 hours ago, so I'm done for now. :D


done. Post updated :)

Excellent work, I wish you much success @sircork. Greetings and blessings!


Thank you!

THis is an awesome service....although a little disappointed to find out that 200 of my followers are dead. Damn.

I love this. Useful tool, of course, but not without personality! Lambos, indeed. LOL!


Good times, Pardner, good times...

I’ve been searching for a tool like this to make cleaning my following feed and unfollowing inactive accounts easier.

Thank you!

Great to see it time to see the stats thanks for sharing :)

Beam me up... @sircork an automated way to prune sounds great.

Heard the witness gathering was pretty cool, plenty ideas shared.


The witness panels are always cool! Sorry you missed it, but we host them regularly and there will be more. Our first one had 17 witnesses and this one had close to 20 I was told, throughout the day. Not just the elite top ones either, though some of them attended. We don't put any limits on which witnesses can join in on our network. We want people to get the whole picture, not just a biased top-down one. Hope to see you next time!

You got a 44.35% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @sircork!

Please upvote this comment to support the service.

thanks for post about that....

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Links to your website and post were included in the wiki pages about Steem Ecosystem: S - Steemis, Follower and Following. Thanks and good luck again!