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last year

Hi all! I'd appreciate your vote for witness roadscape -- I'm a BitShares witness, a delegate prior to that, and I built cryptofresh.com. The BitShares blockchain has tremendous technical depth and for months I've worked with it (mostly thru API), exploring, sharing findings, and providing basic APIs. I plan to do something similar with steemd.com, as Steem runs on the same underlying toolkit.

Steem combines several personal interests. For instance, you can see where I had started creating a social network on top of BitShares: cryptofresh.com/posts. It may not look like much but it's the tip of the iceberg of possibilities I had mapped out. So reading the Steem whitepaper, I saw familiar ideas.. taken to a new level, on a dedicated chain. I'm happy to see such a capable team working on these problems, and I'm very much looking forward to being involved!

Seed node: seed.steemd.com:34191 (

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I will gladly back you for a witness or worker proposal man. You are one of the bitshares all-stars.

Voted! Glad to see you here.

I voted. Great work on cryptofresh.com.

I will strongly support you.

Steemit is a really exciting platform. I'm enjoying all the possibilities for sharing and expanding our consciousness in this way. Thanks for your helping to bring it into being!

I'll drop a vote on your user (assuming I can - only mined a few)

Voted !

Voted brother

A wise and GOOD man, you have my vote good sir


Very nice,,,

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I don't know how to contact you . I know you are in top 26 in steem organization. Now I know you are one of the developer of steem.

However I found , you have repeatedly downvoted me and un voted. The reason for that was totally unknown to me. Please explain , so that I will be educated.

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Only thing in my understanding is I gave a generic comment to all these article and that is "FINE". Nothing bed or seriously gross word.

My reputation now from 41 to 2 and Reputation -329,675,896,451



Dont worry


This is my first day here on Steemit and I can tell you that the reason you're being downvoted is because your content is not orignal to yourself. Just a quick glance at your page and all I see is reposts from Yahoo finance and other articles that you yourself did not create. Steemit rewards creativity and originality from what I can gather, so you might try creating your own high quality content instead of just reposting. If I was a whale and I had a vested interest in the success of this company, I would down vote you as well...nothing personal, I just would try to discourage you from posting. Put some thought into what you're putting out there. It looks like you did make a couple dollars with your robo-posting but imagine what you could come up with if you put that same effort into making something original and interesting. Somebody somewhere is interested in what YOU have to say. Much love to you!

I'll gladly support you with a witness vote. Thank for the time you put into this community. You also upvoted my post about recovering a overturned semi, which bumped it a good amount, so thank you for that too.

You definitely have my vote. Thank you for all your work such as Steemd.com. Your support has been wonderful for community. 1000 yunkcoins!

Hi, @roadscape, I have voted for you as my witness

Thank you for your support

Voted : )

You are gooood
i like your post in steem

i rate steemitd , if that is your contribution then a big pat on the back from me, but i am not quite sure what you are asking in this writeup

witness upvoted