Witness Proposal: Riverhead

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Hello Fellow STEEMers!

I'm throwing my hat in the ring to be one of the voted in witnesses and would love to have your support. I have experience being a witness on Bitshares 1.0 and 2.0 and am currently a witness for the MUSE project.

To support the integrity of the STEEM blockchain it is important to have witnesses that have experience and are known to the community. It also helps if they have good hardware :). To this end I am having a dedicated server (not a VPS) built in a Netherlands data center. These specs can of course can scale with STEEM adoption as quickly as needed.

ProcessorIntel X3430
RAM4GB PC3-10600E
OperatingSystem Ubuntu 14.04
Connection1x 1Gbit

Hope I can count on your support,


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  ·  last year

I would love to vouch for Riverhead as he is an incredibly skilled Net Admin who is also very trustworthy as a person in general.

Please consider voting for Riverhead.

P.S. @Riverhead--how DO we vote for you?

  ·  last year

Top notch! One of the IMO most trusted members out of the BTS community!!!

  ·  last year

Thank you for the kind words :)

  ·  last year

You have my vote mate.

If you too want to vote for riverhead, type this in the cli_wallet:

vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNT riverhead true true

*Replace YOURACCOUNT with your steem username

  ·  last year

Thank you!!

  ·  last year

So close! Currently ranked 27th. Need more votes! Dedicated server is online and running fine :).

  ·  last year

Up to 25th now. Come on Schwartz!

Clayop's price feed is working well.
Updated STEEM account price to 10

  ·  last year

Seed node up and running

  ·  2 months ago


  ·  28 days ago

This seems like a last year post, do you still have 4GB RAM on your witness server or have you increased the amount? :)

  ·  17 days ago

Gave you a witness vote. Thank you for your hard work.