05-27-2018 Witness Update

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May 27, 2018 Witness Update @r351574nc3

In the spirit of transparency, I am going to update you all on what I have been up to (as a witness). Try not to be too disappointed. While I am earnest in all my endeavors, I will admit I am not the most expediant.

I have been working on the following:


A lot of progress has been made on this. This is pretty much a steemit condenser replacement. I had been working on it more, but I'm taking a bit of a backseat going forward until more development opportunities on the project open up.

Here's a link to the discord channel https://discord.gg/NTFJ3R

The Full Node

I've been running a full node at version 19.4 for some time, but there has been some trouble.

  1. Not producing blocks
  2. It's pretty much a full-time job to run


Going forward, I have a plan to start offering private node access. That's right. @guiltyparties suggested that it might be worth it to others to have a private node. I will go into further detail on this in another blog post. For now, just know that I am seriously looking into this, and it's a problem that I have been working to solve.

@we-resist and @the-resistance

I help run this anti-bullying community. Our discord url is https://discord.gg/USYwcMh

This has really been consuming a lot of my time because I have been building a dashboard for our bot. https://we-resist-dashboard.herokuapp.com

It's finally available, and from this dashboard, I plan to build access to other tools. Going forward, there are definitely going to be more features.


I feel bad because I think that users really want this. I've gotten a lot of support for this tool and I thank you all very much for that support. I have not given this the attention it deserves because my attention had been so divided. I want to let you know this is no longer the case. With the completion of the dashboard, I will be able to finally complete the much needed user interface for @exifr

Distributed log

Some time ago, I wrote a post about a distributed log passthru. This development has been the primary reason a lot of development I've been working on has not progressed as much as desired. Here are the reasons

  1. Lack of persistance. Right now the best way to access blockchain data is to query it directly through the api. I realize there are some other options, but they don't scale. I have been holding off on developing tools that would require this because I don't want to build on more technical debt.
  2. This is actually a huge amount of work to do.
  3. I want to get preliminary groundwork laid for projects before I get into persistance.

I think I'm at a point now that I now need this and it will be a feature for other tools I am developging.


  1. DynamoDB integration. I'm going to start mining data into a warehouse built with DynamoDB
  2. Distributed Log passthru. Events recorded to the steem blockchain will now be aggregated with the distributed log passthru. This is one way records will get recorded into DynamoDB
  3. Other datastores. Other consumers will read from the passthru and start recording data into their own datastores. There will be a graph database for recording follower and tag connections for example.
  4. Public access to the passthru. This is something I'm not sure about yet. Everything is still in testing, so I want to keep working and developing it. Security is very important and I definitely want to offer this publicly in the future, but it will take some work to complete.

That's what I've been working on. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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