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Why A Witness?

Maybe Steemit is the first social networking site that is running on top of a blockchain. All textual contents generated by users are stored in the blockchain that is continuously growing. Inside the blockchain, the contents are packed in blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Here is how the witness is needed in Steemit.

First, witness provides storage and bandwidth to host the huge blockchain containing all the content. Second, witness produces blocks that are securing the content. Other than that, witness also have to provide price feed to the network, so it knows what price is STEEM to USD. Then, witness also expected to provide a seed node that stores the full blockchain and distributes it across the network.

I believe that blockchain invented by Satoshi Nakamoto has revolutionized the world by making possible the impossible, i.e. to prevent double-spending in digital cash. Then, Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) developed by Daniel Larimer, is a breakthrough to solve inefficiency and scalability problems suffered by original algorithms. And now Steemit is an amazing implementation of a free and open society platform on top of it.

It is very important for everyone in community to understand this mechanism of delegation. That witnesses who have been delegated by community are necessary for running and securing the network. Therefore, everyone in community shares the same responsibility to become a witness. At least, they aware that their votes to choose the right witness are affecting the network to function properly.

Hence, now I decided to become a witness.


After joining Steemit about three months ago, I specialized my activities in Indonesian language. For example:

Server Specification

Based on Your guide to setting up a Witness Server (STEEM-in-a-box HF19), I built the witness server with specification below:

  • RAM: 32 GB
  • CPU: 8 cores
  • Storage: 2x2TB HDD
  • Network: 1gbit/s
  • Location: Germany VPS

Necesary means has been taken to sufficiently secure the server, such as:

  • Closing all incoming ports, except one used by SSH.
  • Moving SSH port to some high random number to prevent scanner bot.
  • Installing fail2ban program to block SSH brute force attacks.
  • Installing NTP to prevent block misses due to time synchronisation problems.

Moreover, it is provided by the best cloud service provider, @privex, whose CEO, @someguy123, is a respected top 20 witnesses in Steemit. @privex accept STEEM, are affordable, and sell servers with a Zero Block Miss SLA. (Tell them that you are referred by me to get 10% discount!)

Price Feed has been setup to broadcast the price to the network once every 60 minutes. I used Steemfeed-JS to setup it.

Seed node has been setup too with the same specification as above. The URL is

Why Vote Me?

So, I may be able to dedicate more time to continue above contribution to Steemit community, especially within Indonesian steemians. In the future I plan to add more, such as:

  • Generate monthly and yearly reports on "Trend of Posts" within Indonesian steemians.
  • Add more educational materials to daily tips on writing good post in Steemit.
  • Expand the contribution to Japanese steemians community too.

Lastly, puncakbukit means hilltop that maybe is the most lovely place to write a post.. under the tree.. and the wind blew.. :-)

Vote for me to be a witness - every vote counts.

  • Go to page Witness Voting.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Input "puncakbukit" in the textbox below.
  • Click VOTE button.

Pemikiran anda sangat cerdas @puncakbukit .Semoga kedepan akan lebih banyak konten dari anda yang sangat bermanfaat bagi kami yang masih pemula & amatir.Ijin reestem & vote..Terimakasih

good post, i nice.
sudah di upvote juga yaa.

bagus sekali telah di upvote ya @puncak bukit

I will definitely be taking the time to witness you. Thank you for sharing this detailed post, it is a great resource for those who are just starting out. Actually, I wish I'd had these step-by-step pictures when I first started. Great post!

I like your post @puncakbukit
if you can visit to my post

"witness me senpai @puncakbukit" hahaha

Sudah saya vote ya, semoga masuk dalam top 50.

Keep up the good work.
Best of luck to you

This post has received a 13.38 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @puncakbukit. They love you, so does Aggroed. Please be sure to vote for Witnesses at

Postingannya bagus sekali @puncakbukit
Upvote aku ya @putroeraesha

saya udah vote witness ya :D

Terima kasih @puncakbukit sedikit-sedikit saya bisa tahu apa yang harus saya prioritaskan ketika bermain steemit sebagai pemula.

waahh...benar2 akun steemit yang bermanfaaat bagi steemian lain @puncakbukit. sukses terus

This post has received a 0.59 % upvote from @buildawhale thanks to: @puncakbukit. Send at least 1 SBD to @buildawhale with a post link in the memo field for a portion of the next vote.

To support our daily curation initiative, please vote on my owner, @themarkymark, as a Steem Witness

Sayaakan mendukung anda .sukses selalu dalam berkarya,
Saya pengguna steemit baru jadi belum tau jelas tentang steemit dan trategi steemit.
Semangat dalam bekary @puncakbukit

I vote you in witness thread, @puncakbukit

Hello. You have a seed node which is currently showing as "Offline" on Are you planning to bring this node back online, or should we remove it from the list of seed nodes?


Sudah saya upvote sebagai "witness" ya.

sudah di upvote ya kak,, saya jg punya kawan yg di wittnes

sudah di upvote ya kak,, saya jg punya kawan yg di wittnes

sudah di upvote ya kak,, saya jg punya kawan yg di wittnes

Voted ;-)

Upvote back yaaah...
Semoga berjaya selalu

Need support. new steemians. interested to be activisteem. activist of steem @wongbraling

Could you explain why downvoting bots like voted for you? Among them are also @spirfu and probably someone else I forgot. Whoever did this might be your enemy.

Hello. I voted your witness to encourage those outside the top 20. I run witness @untersatz. Let's check your votes !witness-vote-check puncakbukit

@puncakbukit, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):

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You have 0 witness votes left to use.

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Voted for you :)