Food for thought: What should be the (primary) role of witness?

Hello everyone,

There are diverse, wide range of opinions regarding the role of steem witness.

Some people say that witnesses are supposed to maintain the nodes so that the steem blockchain should keep running okay.

Some people argue that witnesses should develop programs (websites like steemworld, games based on steem, so on) to contribute steem ecosystem.

Some people state that witnesses should ask influencers and investors to join steem.

While all of the above points are somewhat valid, we believe that the core responsibilities of witnesses is to facilitate smooth communication between Steem community members and Steem Inc.

In other words, summarize what steem users want, set the priorities, deliver the community feedback to the Steem Inc, and implement most essential features first.



It seems that we already observed various productive discussions on lots of topics - all we need to do is to sum it up and choose which one(s) to do first.

We believe that the first step should be easy, fast signup and login process and more friendly system (categories, for example) for ordinary users who are not familiar with blockchain. If we want to expand user base, this is a must.

  • We welcome your suggestions!

Welcome and nice to have you here!
Yes, I just wrote a posting about a better and easier login process with various options to create an account.

Please consider it also into your discussion.

Thank you very much for your nice summary.

I agree that the signup process needs to be sorted out in a better way. Hope you can communicate this well.

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