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Hello Everyone,
MY name is Pranish Ghimire and i am from nepal . you can find my steem handle at

After a hard time studying things and setting up a witness node was a hard part to go with,but yeah i decided to do it .
With @someguy123's guide i finally set my docker and get the witness node up and running .

hopefully i will get some witness votes -
you can vote me by going to and at the bottom of the page you can find a text box saying if you want to vote for witness outside of top 20

there write power4nepal and vote for me ..


After a hard job (2 days ) my witness node is running properly
so i foud that if anyone wanting to run a witness then its a heck of a work -- which i made a lot of easier

anyone wanting to run a witness node on Digital OCean servers --i will greacefully share my server's snapshot which already had a lot of data in it --no block log downloading and other shits -- simple create a server --edit two lines (write your witness name ) and that's it

i am not taking any fees what soever ..

do -- vote me and hit me up in my discord

hre !! kudos

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Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice information. thank you for sharing


thanks mate

Done bro well work


thanks mate

Keep up the good work.

Done bro


i believe you upvoted the post..not witness ---please read the guide .
thank you for your support