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Hello everyone!

I have never formally introduced myself on Steemit, so why not just do it in my Witness Application!

Hello, I'm Paul. Nice to meet you! :)

Human Specs
Name: Paul
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Location: UK

Witness Server Specs
Intel i7 (4 cores)
2x 240GB SSD

Pet Specs
Cat: Buffy
Pug: Xander
2x Snakes: Peppa Pig & Cleo

Why do I want to be a STEEM Witness, isn't that just crazy talk?!?!
I started actively using Steemit at the start of January, since then day by day my love for Steemit has grown, it has so much potential, and I would like to be a part of bringing that out, even if only in a small way. I think a big part of making Steemit thrive is having people who go out of their way to making it run, whether that's servers, starting/joining community projects, or even posting quality content. I would love to break even for the server running costs, but even if that doesn't happen I will continue to run a witness for as long as I use Steemit.

What do I do for the community now you ask?
At the end of February I was asked by @steemcleaners to become a full fledged member after weeks of reporting abuse to them, which I gratefully accepted. Ever since I have been putting in an average of 35 hours a week to combating plagiarism, spam and for the past month or so a huge amount of time into the phishing crisis we have been having. As part of my role I help out a lot in our Discord, helping people to make better quality content and even helping phishing victims retrieve and restore their accounts.

I vowed to myself that every 1,000 SP milestone I reach that I would delegate 10% of my SP to Steemit projects. While my SP is still relatively low I still think it can make a difference. At the time of posting I currently delegate to the following:

  • @steemflagrewards : It's a great little project which I think has big potential. Not enough people flag spam and other abuse on Steemit, this project incentivises flagging this bad content and spam. I highly recommend you check them out, and even delegate yourself!
  • @mack-fund : Funding support for @spaminator, @mack-bot, @cheetah, and @steemcleaners
  • Future? I haven't decided yet, I'm still a way off, but if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! :)

Vote For Me
https://steemit.com/~witnesses : type my name in the box: pjau
Vote @pjau via Steemconnect

Every vote is a treat for Xander!



Good luck

Thanks for the support mate! 😃

My vote shall be yours!

Hey, thank you for the support :D

Hey, you're a witness! That's cool. I just dropped you a vote! You do a lot for the community, so I'm excited to support you! :)

Hey mate, thanks for the support. Been thinking of doing this for a while, so really excited to get it going. :)

I'm glad you're doing it. I had considered it, but don't have the technical skills to get one going myself. I'm excited to see your reports come out so we can track your progress.

It's a lot easier than you may think to setup :) Just follow a guide :p

Yeah I should probably post a bit more often, not 100% pet posts though :)

I don't really have the money to buy a computer that will take a lot of work to get into the top 20. I'm trying to focus on other things right now. Maybe down the line when I have a little more disposable income I can invest in one, if for no reason other than network security. :)

I think a lot of witnesses post a status update every week. That just let's people know how things are going and what they've been working on. Check out @dragosroua for ideas if you want. He's one that I like.

My vote for you🙂you deserve the best😀
And resteem for Cleo😀

Fighting plagiarism will revolutionize steemit community.

Thanks for the support mate! :)

Another witness joins the fray. :)

I hope this turns out to be a positive experience for you, as has being a member of steemcleaners. I look forward to seeing how things go, the ups and the downs. I think you're a good person for the job, and if/when you make it up into the top 50 and beyond, I hope you will take with you the experiences you've had here with the rest of us and keep our interests in mind.

I wish you well, dude. :)

Thanks mate. I'm glad I finally went for it. Not sure about top 50 but I'd definitely be really happy if I reach 100 :) Currently at #194 😁


He is one of the good ones here.

Thanks man! You are too :)

One vote for Xander! still hungry…

He will be hungry even after a million votes :p

hm, I'll just buy him dog food for 50 SBD. That should be enough :D

I've just had him on a diet too :'(

I love dogs. You know that dogs are our best friend.

I voted you ...Good luck as witnesses

Thanks man, really appreciate it :)

Let me welcome you to the Witness world of steem blockchain.

Good luck and see you around.

Thanks mate! :D

Cheers to you.

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