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Hello Steem community!

My name is Michael, and I have followed and been involved in several crypto projects since 2012, most notably as former CSO at MMC and founder and kind-of-CEO of Horizon and HZxchange.

In all this time I have enjoyed creating things people can use as well as helping out with technical support. I follow Dan's developments since the launch of PTS, and find it absolutely amazing how his visions match my vague ideas how things should work.

When I heard about Steem I was caught immideately, I love the idea to reward those committing to the cause. The whole concept is just awesome, and the easiest thing I can do to contribute is running a witness node for the network. I operate several dedicated servers for my job, crypto projects and privately, I can definitely handle that.

Besides the already mentioned skills my main job is development, mostly web related stuff in PHP and JS, but also Python, Java and Go.

My seed node is running at steemd.pharesim.me:2001, witness address is undisclosed for obvious reasons. They're both dedicated servers with a good connection in a german data center.

Due to recent events the following main project I have been working on is partially on hold, I hope to get back the support I need to return to working on this as much as I did and planned to.

The witness funds are partly used to bootstrap a non-profit with the goal to allow the publishing scientific papers on steem. The project is called pevo and is making good progress.

I'm also running the Dice service for Steem and SD, and provide open source scripts and tools routinely.

You can vote for me on the witness list. Be aware that an upvote for a witness post is not a vote for the witness!

If you want to meet me personally or got any questions, just drop me a message on the Steem slack!



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  ·  11 months ago

My witness and seed node are up and ready for work. The seed node is facing the public at steemd.pharesim.me:2001

They are running on seperate dedicated servers, located in two different data centers Germany.
Both are easily scalable to 1GB/s connections and up to 128GB of RAM. Anything above requires a day or two to set up, but there should be some time until that is needed.

  ·  10 months ago

I have been talking to Tristan from Poloniex, gave him my view on the FUD issues, and got him to look at the whitepaper. He's very impressed with what steem offers, and I'm confident to see STEEM and eventually SBD added to their exchange soon.

  ·  10 months ago

Sorry, I wanted to click the triangle icon on the right to see who is voting for this post, but accidentally clicked the "down-vote" icon. When will it be possible to change my vote?

  ·  11 months ago

Again, thanks to everyone for your support.

Now that I'm an active witness, I will of course start to develop projects on and for Steem.
The first one is already in the making, and could already be the great hit. We're speaking of a userbase in the millions. I'm totally hyped by the idea, and really hope to find ongoing support from the community to enable me to realize it in a professional way.

Full Steem ahead!

  ·  9 months ago

I've been annoyed by the vote trading and nepotism right from the start, but needed to play along to secure my position.

Everyone is "playing along". You stated you unvoted those with whom you disagree, but somehow it's wrong for these same people to unvote you for the same reason.

  ·  9 months ago

I didn't say you're wrong to do so. Everyone can have his own list of reasons, and noone is required to publish them.

Until now, I maxed out my 30 votes and made sure to have the lower ranking guys in, so they get to produce more often than the bots and inactives.
Everytime I needed a new free space, I had to consider the voting weight of the possible candidates. I'm glad to leave that behind me, whatever that means for my income. I hate to sell out my ideals.

  ·  7 months ago


  ·  11 months ago

Thanks for all the upvotes everyone. Don't forget to vote on the wallet too,

vote_for_witness youraccount pharesim true true

And of course also thanks to everyone who supports me as a witness!